Bringing MNDFL to Brooklyn

Bringing MNDFL to Brooklyn

Bringing MNDFL to Brooklyn


MNDFL Williamsburg


For the third in our series of locations for the MNDFL meditation studio, Homepolish's Shelly Lynch-Sparks and Ariel Farmer collaborated to bring the serene brand to Brooklyn.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Mindfulness, serenity, peace… these are all things that everyone needs. Not just busy Manhattanites, right? It was over a year ago that commercial Homepolish designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks designed the first East Coast location of the MNDFL meditation studio down near Washington Park. Soon after, she partnered with designer Ariel Farmer to imagine a new space for the Upper East Side. Hectic city-dwellers needed it. We get it. But the company has finally expanded off the island to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with its third location.


Unlike the previous two locations, this space had previously been a yoga studio. The transformation to a meditation space would be a little easier in theory. What would become the mediation space was already a sun-drenched, lofty space. However, the front reception area had been a kitchen and café, which meant the entire storefront had to be gutted to accommodate MNDFL’s plan.


Once the renovation work had been taken care of, many of the same style elements were brought in. Woven macrame screens by Grace Teng greet visitors at reception as does a giant living green wall by Artisan Moss. Similarly, a tea station is backed by Cle Tile’s hexagonal cement pieces, and there are floating bookshelves featuring works from the gurus on staff. In the meditation studio, though the bones are different, it feels familiar with the custom cushions and more plant life. We guess the major difference you’ll notice is a personal one… after you complete a meditation session.


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This is our largest studio, almost double the size, so making it feel equally intimate and cozy as our first two was the challenge. On the flip side, its size gives a bit of drama. It feels a bit like you’re meditating in a cathedral, like a sacred space.

- Ellie Burrows, MNDFL founder


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