Bringing California Modernism Down South

Bringing California Modernism Down South

Bringing California Modernism Down South


Rina Patel


In the suburbs of Atlanta, Homepolish's Jamie Wilson transported an interior to the West Coast with beachy furnishings and neutral colors. Southern sensibility, say hello to Cali tranquility.

Photos by Sarah Dorio.

We often don’t realize it, but interior design has a certain power to transform our daily lives, our mood, the way we function. And just as interiors can transform you, they can also, in many ways, transport you. Have you ever stepped into a place and felt like you’ve been whisked to some far corner of the globe? Whether it’s a Cuban bar in the heart of New York or subterranean taverna in the middle of LA, your surroundings can inspire you and make your mind wander… even if you physically don’t.

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Rina Patel, who had recently purchased a home in suburban Atlanta with her family, understands this idea better than most. When she first met up with Homepolish’s Jamie Wilson, they talked about how to bring that relaxed California modern feel into the living and dining rooms in the home. In an area known for a certain staid traditionalism, Jamie was thrilled to try out a fresh, clean aesthetic.

Crisp white walls awash in natural sunlight made for a perfect blank canvas. In keeping with a coastal vibe, Jamie kept colors neutral with creams, blacks, and whites, with the occasional pop of olive green velvet or gunmetal. Naturally, plants from cacti, succulents, and a fiddle-leaf fig were layered in. Driftwood accents in both rooms echo each other. In the dining, it’s a centerpiece, while in the living room, it’s a stunning chandelier. Even the photography shows scenes from Big Sur and Marfa. You might even be fooled to thinking that’s where you are.

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I’ve never gotten to work with a residential client in Atlanta who wanted such a modern California feel. Typically, you see more traditional residential design in the area, but here I had the opportunity to implement a lot of my own style into the space.

- Jamie Wilson, Homepolish designer


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