Bringing Artisanal Goods into the Home

Bringing Artisanal Goods into the Home

Bringing Artisanal Goods into the Home


Sheeva Sairafi, founder of Local + Lejos, an artisan marketspace


In part two of three, Local + Lejos founder Sheeva Sairafi shows us the artisanal treasures in her home designed by Homepolish's Haley Weidenbaum. Let's check out the bedroom!

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

As Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum said when we worked on designing my home in Los Angeles, “Each piece of décor tells a story.” And that’s exactly what I wanted. Having recently started my company, Local + Lejos, I love pieces that show a link to place and people. I have always been mesmerized by local goods, so many of the pieces in my home were sourced from artisans across the globe.

The mission of Local + Lejos is two-fold: provide accessible prices to consumers and support women artisans through sustainable work and empowerment training. And beyond that, it makes us more mindful of where we source our goods. Last week, we toured around my living room to see the stories behind the accessories. Now, let’s take a look in the bedroom.


The block-printed Kala pillows on the bench were from a limited edition run that we launched last spring. To make these come to life, we worked collaboratively with our artisans to create prints that upheld a traditional Indian feel, but with a modern twist. The prints are applied in an outdoor setting using blocks and earth-friendly, sustainable dye. However, because of the nature of outdoor production, there are several months in the year we can’t produce at all. (Hello, rainy season!) For every pillow we sell, the artisans can provide schooling for a child for one month.


Around the room, you’ll also notice several of our Zura Floor Baskets. They’re truly works of art. When we started working with our weavers, they only knew how to make smaller sized baskets. But, we really wanted to create statement pieces for customers that could be used in a variety of places around the home, while also standing out as works of art. It took us over 6 months to perfect the design, in part because each basket takes over 3 weeks to make and contains over 5,000 stitches! With the income from the baskets, our women can buy chickens, rabbits, and goats for their farms. Bring on the farm animals!


Check out the slideshow to see even more pictures of the faces behind Local + Lejos products.

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