Bringing a Dreamy Bedroom into Reality

Bringing a Dreamy Bedroom into Reality

Bringing a Dreamy Bedroom into Reality


Elizabeth Baker, business developer manager at Intuit


For an ever busy bachelorette in San Francisco, Homepolish designer Alex Waidley created a bedroom where she can escape from her hectic life.

Photos by Helynn Ospina.

Speaking even for a moment with Liz Baker, your head will start to spin. This woman is going, going, going. Working full time as a business development manager for Intuit, she barely spends time at home (this last summer, for example, she was only in San Francisco for 23 days.). And when she is at home, she’s working on launching a “perfect t-shirt” company, which should be in production by Christmas. Oh, or you might find her at karaoke, singing her to-go rendition of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”


Sound busy enough? For someone always on the go, it is even more important to design a space where they can kick off their shoes and take a breather. Having already worked with Homepolish on her living room, she came back to work on her bedroom with designer Alex Waidley. Hopping on the project, Alex says, “My favorite way to work is when people can give me emotions and adjectives to describe how they want to feel in the room, and then I go to work creating that emotion in physical space.” It already sounds calmer, right?

Starting with the color scheme, they went with blush tones, whites, and grays to make the room serene and welcoming. Gorgeous orb table lamps finished in brass impart a sense of warmth to the space. And for a luxurious flourish, a mod-meets-deco vanity sits across the bed. Liz had secretly wanted one since she was a girl. The only showy piece in the whole room? A custom neon sign shouting out the Notorious B.I.G. phrase “It Was All A Dream.” Except this is 100% reality.


Alex asked a lot of questions that had more to do with me as a person rather than style or furniture. I also felt like she was really interested in how I planned to use the space. I wanted a bedroom that would be cozy but that I could also work from on days I was not in the office. We definitely achieved that.

- Liz Baker, Homepolish client
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