Brimming With Warmth (and Wine) in Silicon Valley

Brimming With Warmth (and Wine) in Silicon Valley

Brimming With Warmth (and Wine) in Silicon Valley


Think modern style can’t be warm? Designer Nina Jizhar proves otherwise in a Sunnyvale home, creating an inviting space for two young tech professionals.

Photos by Vivian Johnson.

After bracing the whirlwind that is the Silicon Valley housing market—and then waiting a year to decorate—two young tech professionals were feeling ready to spruce up their new single-story, Sunnyvale home. Luckily, designer Nina Jizhar made it well worth the wait, establishing an easy working relationship with the two from the start.

“I laugh the most with them,” Nina says. “They are a super fun couple, and I really enjoyed every time I met with them.”

Although Nina’s clients originally envisioned an ultra-modern space, she steered them in a slightly warmer direction to establish a more welcoming vibe.

“During the design process, I was able to convince them to embrace a warmer, modern design that combines wood, metal (brass and matte black), and laid-back, casual textiles, such as linen for their upholstery,” Nina recalls. “We then injected modern prints and pattern in the accessories and artwork. At the end, the whole space feels warm, inviting, timeless but edgy.”

Nina’s ultimate goal was reflecting the couple’s unique personalities and lifestyle. The duo has an affinity for wine (more about that later), art, technology, and music, so it was important to Nina that those elements were threaded organically into the space. She even managed to marry two of her clients’ passions—art and technology—with one cutting-edge piece.

“My clients love to entertain, Nina explains. “They wanted to incorporate speakers and a TV into the space seamlessly, so instead of having an artwork behind the sofa, we opted for Samsung’s The Frame TV, which can be turned on as an artwork when not in used.”

Nina was also inspired by the cool, eclectic vibes of boutique hotels, so she layered in several decorative pieces that mimic that specific look and feel, including a soft black-and-white photo in a contrasting wooden frame and graphic patterned pillows throughout. She also selected a few statement pieces, like a brass-finished pendant above the dining room table, which lends the space a sleek, streamlined sensibility.

And to cater to her clients’ deep love for wine—the couple nearly converted a spare bedroom into a wine cellar—Nina selected a double refrigerator walnut wine credenza. Situated in the dining room, the sophisticated piece now houses the owners’ impressive collection of wines. We must say, we think this finished space merits a glass or two of their finest.

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