A Bold, Rental-Friendly Redesign in Chicago

A Bold, Rental-Friendly Redesign in Chicago

A Bold, Rental-Friendly Redesign in Chicago


Meredith B., works in hospitality


Starting with a white box, we give Meredith's living room a colorful, rental-friendly redesign.

Photographs by Dustin Halleck.

Meredith’s redesigned Chicago home is so fun. Our designer Bonnie revamped the original monochrome interior with fanciful colors and vibrant textures. “I love a good neutral room, but mixing patterns and colors gives a space more warmth and a unique personality. It’s all about layering, and you want to choose patterns that mix well together,” says Bonnie. The trick, she continues, was repeating key colors throughout, giving the space a unified feel. By layering color and texture, she made it fun and different – “while still feeling intentional and balanced.”

Bonnie’s redesign is a master class in constrained color. Even with gallery white walls – a home can come alive with some pops of pigment: “Try starting with a neutral foundation and choosing a few colors that work well together. Then use each color a couple of times throughout the space; both in a large scale and small-scale pattern.” As a hospitality veteran, Meredith knows a thing or two about creating comfortable, welcoming and practical spaces. If she’s happy (and she is!) then so are we.


Bonnie was understanding, patient and creative in helping me redesign my place. I’m not the easiest client – I travel a lot and didn’t have a strong vision of what I wanted to do – but she was able to take my disparate likes and pieces of inspiration and translate them into a cohesive and colorful space that’s fun to live in.

- Meredith B.
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