Boho Luxe in Southern California

Boho Luxe in Southern California

Boho Luxe in Southern California

Designer Jennifer Wallenstein establishes a bright, bohemian space with timeless appeal in Encino, California.

Photos by Christopher Lee

When it comes to designing a home, the temptation towards trends can be overwhelming. But instead of avoiding them out fear that they’ll become dated, the trick is embracing them in a way that feels timeless—an artform designer Jennifer Wallenstein has mastered in spades. When her Encino-based client tasked her with creating a modern, eclectic space, Jennifer selected elements that would enable her client’s home to adapt with time.

“My client wanted a space that felt on trend but not trendy, that would translate as styles evolve in the coming years,” Jennifer recalls. “She was very drawn to the luxe boho look, but knew she didn’t want the space to feel dated quickly, so the key was finding a way to give her that, but to also make it transitional enough that it could grow with her in the coming years by making small modifications.”

To achieve this, Jennifer found ways to incorporate glam pieces in a way that felt intentional, including marble coffee tables and an updated crisp white fireplace in textured plaster. And to ensure the space doesn’t feel restricted to one style, she also wove in eclectic elements, blending a mix of mid-century, boho, and farmhouse-style pieces. Throughout the home, she complemented sleek modern with bohemian accents, such as indigo-striped pillows, which add a pop of bright color to predominantly neutral spaces.

Because the construction of the home left many of the rooms in a shadow for much of the day, Jennifer sought other opportunities to brighten up the space. She incorporated a bevy of bright neutrals and used subtly reflective surfaces to enhance the light. In the bathroom, Jennifer selected a white-and-blue textured wallpaper, a rattan pendant, and then dotted the space with bright, colorful vases, a bistro table, and plants.

She also accented the walls with colorful artwork, both in the bathroom and throughout the remainder of the house. And while she sourced a number of pieces online, the large-scale piece in the nursery had a more personal tie in.

“My client’s girlfriends took her to a local art studio for her baby shower and they all had a hand in creating that giant canvas, which we then had stretched and framed,” Jennifer recalls.

For the remainder of the nursery, a room originally used as a home office, Jennifer’s client wanted a space that captured her daughter’s cheerful personality without looking too juvenile or gender specific. To add pops of personality, Jennifer referenced the neon color palette of the large canvas piece, hanging a neon heart and layering in some stonewashed denim fabrics that lend the space a cool 80s vibe. She then rounded out the space with a black-and-white gallery walls that appeals as much to children as it does to the parents.

To find a new home for her client’s home office, Jennifer landed on the family room due to its size and multi-functional layout, sectioning off a corner of the room. She established a workstation that despite consisting of largely industrial pieces, feels cohesive with the mix of natural elements, like plants and a large jute rug, as well as more elevated piece—think a sculptural glass and concrete lamp.

By finding a way to juxtapose pieces from different styles, the home maintains an of-the-moment feel that can organically shift over time. Because as life evolves, so should your home.

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