Boho Chic in a Jersey High-rise

Boho Chic in a Jersey High-rise

Boho Chic in a Jersey High-rise


Felicia and Shendi Lu


We sometimes forget, but Jersey City is, in fact, on the coast. For a couple looking over the Hudson River, Homepolish designer Maria Khromchenko turned their home into a beachy getaway.

Photos by Sammy Goh.

With all the hustle and bustle, the steel-and-glass skyscrapers, and the PIGEONS, it’s easy to forget that the New York metropolitan area is on the coast. We go through the work day, pounding pavement, and it’s not like there’s a scent of fresh sea salt on the air. But for Felicia and Shendi Lu across the Hudson in Jersey City, they were all about embracing that beachy, easy-going vibe.

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Working with their Homepolish designer Maria Khromchenko, they were able to transform an otherwise staid high-rise apartment into what they now refer to as their “boho Cali love den.” And you know what? Walking into the space, you’d be completely forgiven if you thought you had been magically transported to the West Coast.

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But how do you pull this off in the middle of a giant urban jungle? In the dining room, a large photo lined with palm trees almost makes it feel like you’re driving throw Santa Monica as you sit at the reclaimed wood table… the pineapple chilling as a centerpiece doesn’t hurt. The bedroom has an eclectic mix of textures, a beautiful photo of the ocean setting the mood. Woven wall hangings and plants pop up throughout. Who needs the beach when you have this?


It was an awesome experience working with Maria especially since she really understood my style really well. We would throw ideas around and come to a mutual agreement for some of the bigger ticket items such as the couch, dining table, and a vintage-inspired leather chair in the living room.

- Felicia Lu, Homepolish client
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