Bohemian Chic in a New York 1-Bedroom

Bohemian Chic in a New York 1-Bedroom

Bohemian Chic in a New York 1-Bedroom


Alicia Hassen, advertising tech sale director


Who says that you can't own an apartment in Manhattan before 30? Going against the real estate norms, Homepolish's Jennifer Hallock helped a young single lady outfit the Chelsea apartment of her dreams.

Photos by Sammy Goh.

A lot happens in your 20s. You graduate from college. You get your first full-time job. And oftentimes, you move from apartment to apartment, city to city, bopping from one living situation to the next. You know what usually doesn’t happen in that decade? Buying a home. Especially if it’s in the competitive playing field of the Manhattan real estate market. But there are always exceptions to the rules, and Alicia Hassen, a young single ad sales gal, is one of those exceptions.

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Having just purchased her first 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Chelsea, she didn’t overlook the design budget when she signed. Setting aside some funds, she hired Homepolish’s Jennifer Hallock to make the apartment livable. She had literally moved in with only a bed, so the two had a long ways to go.

Sharing a common aesthetic, Jennifer described the job as “fulfilling a teenage dream.” She had the dream client, a beautiful New York space, and they agreed on an “urban California” vibe. (After all, Alicia is a recent Cali transplant to the city.) The only snag was having to find space for a dining area within the common living space. But they even made that work, thanks to smaller-grade appliances and perfectly sized seating. It was a necessary design element since Alicia loves entertaining. Who says you can’t have it all?


Coming from California, I really wanted this space to bring together my two favorites places (New York & California). I think of it as a relaxed, urban-eclectic style. This look & feel makes me feel like I am at “home,” but it’s also inspiring and beautiful. Every corner is interesting, special, unique but it all comes together so well and so seamlessly.

- Alicia Hassen, ad sales director
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