A Boerum Hill Brownstone

A Boerum Hill Brownstone

A Boerum Hill Brownstone


Melissa, Global Acct Manager, Josh, who works in Finance and baby May


A flipped floor plan and an art-matched palette make this home young, bright and welcoming.

Photographs by Samantha Goh.

We love watching projects unfold. Oftentimes, clients will first buy a package of hours to take care of one area and then decide whether or not they need another package later. For their living and dining room, Melissa and Josh purchased a 20 hour package and told their Homepolish designer extraordinaire, Kevin Clark, that they’d like to make their antiques and heirlooms feel less stuffy and more cool.

Kevin started by switching everything from the dining room into the living room (and vice versa) to better take advantage of the “initial perspective.” That’s what you see when you walk in the front door, FYI. Changing the focal point of the room from the dining table to the seating area made the space immediately feel more inviting and cozy. Before it was all, “You’re intruding on our dinner.” And now it’s all, “Hello! Come sit down and join in on our riveting conversation!”

Kevin’s tip for a cozy, eclectic and inviting home is to not be afraid of family heirlooms or “items you collect as a couple when you travel! It’s important to design around what you love because your home reflects who you are.” Click through the slideshow, see the space and figure out where you can get some of those furnishings for your own place. And stay tuned for the rest of their home!

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