Blending Vintage and Modern in LA

Blending Vintage and Modern in LA

Blending Vintage and Modern in LA


Megan and Geovanni Martin


As soon as Homepolish's Leah Ring stepped into this home, she knew just what to do to get that polished look... but without losing a single bit of Southern California charm.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

The cherry on top. The icing on the cake. The finishing touches. Sometimes when it comes to home design, the most important pieces are those small details and furniture arrangements that make the whole home come together. Megan and Geovanni Martin had moved into a new 2-bedroom home right outside of Culver City, and though they had the essential elements, something was missing.


And that something was our lovely designer Leah Ring. As Leah says, “As soon as I walked in, the layout became pretty apparent to me. The home has a lot of really charming architectural details so we wanted to make sure to highlight those throughout the design.” So an update, but not a complete overhaul.


Taking an asymmetrical approach, a mishmash of seating gathers in the living room, off set by a midcentury modern-esque bookshelf. A couple vertical elements break up the high ceilings and draw the eyes up. They even managed to hide away all the media bits and pieces, keeping the space clean. And it continues through the living room to the backyard. It all feels like a breath of fresh air, undoubtedly California and 100% chill.


Working with Leah felt like a true collaboration. She encouraged our ideas and made us feel confident in the overall vision we had for our home. We especially love the different textures in the space, and the blend between vintage and modern.

- Megan Martin, Homepolish client
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