Bleached-Out and Beachy in Hermosa

Bleached-Out and Beachy in Hermosa

Bleached-Out and Beachy in Hermosa


Homepolish designer balances Los Angeles minimalism with coastal style in a sleek, seaside home on Hermosa Beach.

Photos by Madeline Tolle.

The beachside life can be alluring. Imagine if every day filled with sunlight views and the sound of the ocean crashing. But what if your style doesn’t tend towards toes-in-the-sand coastal? Can you truly have proximity and personal taste? You can if your designer is Jordan Shields. She helped a Hermosa Beach home feel more chic than shack. The five-bedroom, 4,643 square foot space was already filled with luxe light wood, rich slabs of marble, and stellar natural lighting, but needed an infusion of personality to reflect the client’s interests and tastes. Here Jordan explains how she combined the client’s love for art and antiques with the home’s sleek, symmetrical, and modern feel.

What was your client hoping to achieve with this design? What was the space like before the redesign?

It was her first modern house and first time using more of a modern, contemporary aesthetic. She really loves art and has been getting into more contemporary pieces. As she followed this new direction with art, the switch from antiques and traditional pieces to more modern lines and editing what was used in the space was a fun experience and interesting change.

How would you describe this space and its style overall? 

This space is modern and contemporary, and my inspiration was to create an inviting living space that showcases the amazing views, the open floor plan, and her art collection. I really wanted those things to have their moments to be appreciated, but still make sure the home felt warm and comfortable.

How did you design to highlight the personality of the locale? Did you purposefully choose to keep things restrained?

Yes—everything is very light in color, which allows for a crisp and clean-feeling wash of neutral allover. We chose light fixtures that were interesting and added to the space, but still didn’t take the spotlight away from the views. That was the theme with all the pieces, to add to the overall feel without having those pieces compete with each other. If there were any elements that stood out—like the easel with the Warhol book or the built-in shelving wall—we wanted to make the items thoughtful and playful, much like her art collection.

How do you nod to the beachy location without going overboard?

The overall feel of the modern house was what kept the design in check. The client moved into this house because she loved it and its style, so she wanted everything to feel right in this particular house. We tried to stay away from “typical” coastal decor and let the wide, open views really be the what let in the beachy location and feel.

How does the art play a part in this design?

Art can be so tricky because it is so personal. The client really loves contemporary design, so the clean-cut house was perfect to showcase her pieces and growing collection.

What are some of your favorite parts of the home?

The setting’s natural light is amazing, so when it was paired with the high ceilings, it made every room so enjoyable to be in.

Describe your personal design style.

My design style really depends on the project and client. Overall I like to begin with clean-lined staples and then layer in texture visually and tactically with materials and patterns. I am naturally eclectic, but try to show it in a more refined way that showcases the materials and pieces.

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