Behr’s Fall Color Trends For Homepolish

Behr’s Fall Color Trends For Homepolish

Behr’s Fall Color Trends For Homepolish


Homepolish's Angela Belt chats with Behr's VP of Color Marketing Erika Woelfel. Learn about what colors are trending this fall in paint and how you can infuse them in your home.

With the cooling weather, you’re probably spending more time indoors, and you may realize the ol’ home could use a facelift. Especially before your family and friends come over for the holidays. Well, paint is one of the most economical ways to make a dramatic shift to your space. Call in the color extraordinaire, Erika Woelfel, VP of Color Marketing at Behr. I chatted with her to get the low down on what colors to infuse into the home this fall and how to use them to rejuvenate your space. Plus, we couldn’t resist giving you some eye candy with our Homepolish interiors so you could get some ideas on how to make these design ideas comes to life.



What do you think is the best color combo for the fall?
“This fall, use gray as a statement color, and pair it with jewel tones and warm copper tones, especially during the holiday season. Steer away from silver finishes, and go for gold and brass metallics. Also, plan to use gray this fall as bold color versus a understated neutral. In an interior space, look to use paint colors like Shades On T17-10 to create an intimate space like this Chicago bedroom that is enveloped by a warm charcoal color.”


What are some of the most common areas in the home to refresh with paint in the home?
“So dining, living, and guest rooms tend to be at the top of the list for a refresh this time of year. Behr paint’s composed colorways are an excellent color palette to try out this fall in your home. Changing the paint color in any one of these three areas can make a big difference, and it will probably only cost you around $100 to pull it off.



How do you mix autumnal pops into a modern interior?
“When it comes to incorporating fall colors into your home for the fall (think Hot and Spicy T17-18, Fired Up T17-19 or Lemon Burst T17-20), your first inclination may be to paint one of these colors as a bold accent wall. However, when it comes to a modern interior, why not try the opposite, sprinkling the colors throughout the space? Some great ways to do this are with a painted entryway door, an up-cycled vintage piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint (I mean, check out this yellow piano), or a collection of fall textiles.”



How can you naturally lighten moody grays?
“Bring in some confident colors like Jade Dragon T17-15 or That’s My Lime T17-16 to balance out the gray tones. Green is also an on-trend chameleon color that can work well with both warm and cool tones to ground it. The most dominant color in the room could be a neutral gray like Laid Back Gray T17-09, but layered with saturated colors. Play with the proportions of each color to make sure they work well together.”

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