Behind-the-Scenes of an Enchanting Kid’s Room

Behind-the-Scenes of an Enchanting Kid’s Room

Behind-the-Scenes of an Enchanting Kid’s Room


Beth Samuelson and her daughter, Hannah Sweeting


In San Francisco, Homepolish designer Carisse Lynelle took on someone who might be our youngest client to date: 8 year-old Hannah Sweeting. Go behind-the-scenes of the process that created a magical, maximalist, fairytale room.

Photos by Ana Kamin.

Carisse, this is probably one of the most magical rooms we’ve ever seen! It’s the stuff our childhood dreams. We hear that your client was quite fun?

“My client was technically Beth Samuelson, but I worked most closely with Hannah Sweeting, her daughter. The family is based in Piedmont Oakland, in the East Bay of San Francisco. Meeting Hannah (pronounced “HAW-NAW;” she quickly corrected me) was a lot of fun. She was sitting at the dining room table having an after school snack, and she told me exactly what she wanted for her bedroom makeover. Her mom and dad promised her a new room for her 8th birthday. She was very ready to begin since she was already 8 years and 2 months old.”

Always fun to have an eager client, haha! What was it like to work with someone so young?

“Hannah is very precocious, and she’s extremely imaginative and was so much fun to work with. She’s an extremely active little lady, participating in theater, ballet, school, art, and she it was obvious that she needed a space to express her creative side. She was clear that she really loves grays, blacks, dark blues, ‘maybe a little green’ and anything with tree branches, foliage, and little stuffed animals like owls, especially.”


Sounds like she wanted something truly magical. How did you go about making that a reality?

“Hannah was still in her original room from her nursery years, which was finished in pinks and browns. The first step was moving her from that room into her parents’ home office. (Mom and dad graciously took over the old nursery for their workspace.) Once we had the space cleared, the bedroom design was centered around the wallpaper design of Rebecca Rebouche (queen of whimsical wondrous things). Finding the wallpaper was so perfect for what Hannah wanted. She loved it immediately.”


Once you had that central piece, how did you tie in the rest of the room?

“Well, we originally saw a bed that had big birch posts, but that was a bit much for her room. Instead I got smaller birch posts and shelves, putting them together to create a DIY bookshelf that looks like it stepped right out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Other allusions to forests come from accents such as the tree lamp on the dresser and the plants. Though confession: we had to go with ‘faux’ plants since Hannah, Beth, and I all have black thumbs.”

The leaf motif also shines through the antique dome on the ceiling light. Love how that reflects on the golden ceiling!

“That was painted in Ralph Lauren’s Palladium Silver Me 131. The space has such a unique ceiling shape, so it was fun to paint it in gold. I couldn’t have finished that without the work of Majestic Painters.”

Did you have to call in any other contractors for the job?

“We also updated the flooring in the space to a polished new finish. That was the work of Amber Flooring.”

And what about that beautiful swirl of butterflies on the wall?

“Actually, Hannah curated exactly how she wanted the Etsy butterflies to swoop around the room… She also made the macrame piece to match the room (which is ADORABLE), and the two of us styled the final design together. I had a total blast. Can someone say future designer for Homepolish??”


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