Behind-the-Scenes of an Atlanta Loft

Behind-the-Scenes of an Atlanta Loft

Behind-the-Scenes of an Atlanta Loft


Dave & Mark Curran


Go behind-the-scenes with Homepolish designer Kate Hayes as she shows us how she took a couple's "very early 2000s" Atlanta loft from rental property to a gorgeous reflection of their artful, maximalist, and well-traveled lives.

Photos by Chad Mellon.

We love featuring projects from Atlanta, Kate! Tell us a little about first coming on with these clients and this project.

“Dave and Mark are incredibly nice, hip guys that really understand and appreciate their cutting edge neighborhood of Castleberry Hill. They had owned their space for years and just returned from Philadelphia, an 11-year time away. They love to socialize, so we had to make sure the space could handle a party, both in terms of flow and seating capacity. Not to mention, they both have the energy of teenagers. From the start, we drank a beer at the consultation and hit it off.”


Aw, we had a feeling that Dave and Mark were fun to work with! They were SO nice when we interviewed them. What was the space like on that first consult?

“The space was all beige and brick, and the bathroom was pretty hideous. The colors felt very early 2000s, which is right around the last time the two of them had lived in the space. The bones of the home were good… cool, open ceiling framing, brick wall, open plan. It was a good place to start, but we needed to update everything and purchase all new furniture. Most of their existing furniture was very Williamsburg… and I don’t mean the Brooklyn one. Bridging the look and making sure the new additions didn’t feel like too much of a departure was a challenge.”


So where do you start in a project like this?

“We started with their extensive art collection and built the scheme and mood boards from there, working with existing industrial elements to create an eclectic, warm space for both entertainment and relaxation.”

Oh, yes! You can see on your first mood board that each furniture and upholstery choice is based around one of their artworks! What all do they have in their collection?

“The two of them have couple of Robert Indiana, a Warhol, two Miro’s, a small Cezanne, fabulous abstract pieces, and one realistic painting of a rainbow trout framed in a gorgeous gold frame that Mark loves. We used that as a centerpiece of the dining area. You might also consider the marbled Christian LaCroix wallpaper in the powder room to be art! I’ve never completely enveloped a room like that. It felt decadent and oh so right.”

Speaking of that wallpaper, did you have to bring in any outside help such as contractors?

“I have a local contractor here in Atlanta who is my favorite wallpaper installer and painter. He was a lifesaver for installation as well as white-washing the brick. I also brought in an electrician friend who was able to do the wiring much faster and more efficiently than I ever could.”


And how about sources? Any favorite pieces or places you visited while working on this project?

“We found a LOT of great pieces at Highland Row Antiques, a favorite being a gorgeous Kipp Stewart occasional chair. Oh, and that Petite Vertigo pendant over the dining room table… major swoon! This area easily became my favorite with the combination of art, lighting, and furnishings.”

While planning it all out, were there any particular ‘aha’ moments?

“Open plan homes, like this one, are so much fun, but delineating space can be tricky. You don’t want it all to be overwhelming to the eye! The giant rug the couple brought from Philly simultaneously grounded and connected the space. And I also knew that we needed the height of a plant to break up the long brick wall and give the illusion of division between the living and dining areas. It’s amazing what a little greenery can do… although to be honest, that wasn’t an ‘aha’ moment. I have always loved my greens.”

And needless to say, Dave and Mark must love you now.


To see more of Kate’s designs and see her day-to-day, follow her on Instagram, @katehayesdesign. And check out more of the project in the slideshow.

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