Behind-the-Scenes of a Silver Lake Redesign

Behind-the-Scenes of a Silver Lake Redesign

Behind-the-Scenes of a Silver Lake Redesign


Grasie Mercedes, actor and founder of Style Me Grasie, and husband Damien, writer for Family Guy


Go behind-the-scenes with Homepolish designer Caroline Wolf as she walks us through how she redesigned a Silver Lake home in a matter of weeks!

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Congrats on another beautiful Los Angeles home! Tell us a little about how you were brought on to the project in the first place.

“I actually worked on Grasie Mercedes and Damien’s first Silver Lake home. Since we had worked together before, there was trust there from the start. They really defer to me, which is great.”


It’s too bad they had to leave the previous home, but it gave you a chance to start on a new project. What was the house like prior to your work?

“As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, we ripped almost everything out. There are tons of bad flips happening around Los Angeles, and this was definitely one of them! Touring the home, we could see the need for new floors (as opposed to old carpeting), new tile in the two bathrooms, a new backsplash, new closet doors, and additional lighting. Not to mention, we needed a new exterior door (the flippers had put in a door for interior use, which is not safe!).”

Wow, sounds like a BIG undertaking! How long was the timeframe?

“So short! I would say the whole thing took eight weeks? Grasie Mercedes and Damien like things done QUICKLY, which means very short lead times… if any. It could be stressful at times, but thankfully, Grasie is really proactive and would send me things to look at since she works from home and has some downtime. I’m definitely a “quality over quantity” person, so I wish we could have waited for a few things (like the dreamy Heath backsplash tile that we liked). Sometimes we had to go with other products for a more favorable lead time.”


Oh my gosh, eight weeks is NOTHING! What was the biggest challenge in that time then?

“The layouts of several of the rooms was not ideal. It was staged in a way that there was no proper TV/den area, which is a challenge to create in a house of this size. However, I think we worked with the existing architecture in a way that was successful and consistent with the neighborhood, which I always aim for.”

With such a fast timeframe, did you use any tools to keep you organized? Or did you have any fairy godmother contractors?

“This project really forced me to make and keep a really detailed spreadsheet in Google Sheets. I use it as a template for every project now. As for the contractors, luckily Grasie and Damien brought them in. I always defer to the client choice if they have a contractor in mind, as it can save me a headache down the road. In this case, it worked.”


Did you hit any snags during the renovation?

“Thankfully, nothing ‘failed,’ but I wanted to paint the walls in two of the bathrooms (we ended up leaving them white). The walls have a bit of a rough texture to them, so paint doesn’t look great. We tried a swatch for the powder room, but the texture came through in a bad way, so we had to keep everything white.”

To balance that out, were there other places you were able to incorporate color?

“For a pop of color, we used Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue on the kitchen and entry doors. The master bathroom was also finished in a sophisticated Farrow & Ball Parma Gray.”


Once all was finished, what was your favorite part of the project?

“I love how harmonious everything feels throughout the living and dining areas. It helped that we sourced many of the items in those two rooms from the same source: Design Within Reach. Between the sofa (DWR Como), media console (DWR Line Console), dining table (DWR Cross Table), dining chairs (DWR Eames Eiffel, mixed colors), everything flows as a cohesive unit.”

What can we say? Not only are we in love with the design, but we’re amazed you pulled it all off so quickly!

See more of the home in the slideshow! And check out more about designer Caroline Wolf.

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