Before and After: A Classic, Yet Relaxing, Master Bath

Before and After: A Classic, Yet Relaxing, Master Bath

Before and After: A Classic, Yet Relaxing, Master Bath


Carly Callahan helps a client turn a small leak into an elegant, spa-worthy bathroom renovation. See the transformation.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

Describe your design style.
Relaxed, classic, fresh, eclectic.

What were your clients hoping to achieve with this design? What was the bathroom like before the renovation?
The renovation was sparked by a leak in the shower—so we had to rip out that tile anyway to get to the source. The bathroom untouched since they bought the house about a year ago so they wanted to give it a more personal touch. We also majorly needed to update and brighten the space!

What was your inspiration?
The rest of the house has great natural light and feels bright and happy. They are a young family, so their home should reflect that!

Who uses this space?
It’s the master bath—but the kids love the tub and the handheld shower!

Were there any demolition or architectural changes?
The entire bathroom was demo-ed, but we did not make any major changes to the plumbing layout (except to add a second sink).

We love the elegant, classic, calming look of this bathroom. Tell us how you created that feeling.
I love a clean white bathroom, but always want to make sure it’s not boring! We solved for that by using pattern and texture. The dimension of the beveled subway tile gives the entire bathroom visual interest and the floor tile is a fun pattern, that still feels classic.

We loved that you chose to use several different types of tile. How do you decide which patterns do or don’t pair well together?
The main floor is the attention grabber and everything else is there to compliment, but not take away from it. In a bathroom, you don’t need as many show stoppers as you do in a larger space. Pick one thing you love and then use it as a kick-off for the rest! The shower floor and the main bath floor mimic each other since they are both hexagons. The subway tile pretty much works with everything!

Tell us about some of the lovely artwork in the space—do you usually put artwork in non-traditional areas like this?
The print over the tub is by Max Wagner and works well in a bathroom since the glass protects from moisture. The sunset and water is such a soothing subject and is so relaxing to look at it your having a soak. I also always love a bit of color and art is a great way to do that, especially in a bathroom!

Were there any challenges during the project? Any major scores?
The floor tile proved hard to install and some had to be chipped out and reinstalled after, which wasn’t ideal. But it ended up being such a great base—I would call it an awesome find from TileBar. I also love the blue ceramic vase on the garden stool with wax flowers. I plan to go back and get one for myself!

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