Before & After: A Serene LA Redesign

Before & After: A Serene LA Redesign

Before & After: A Serene LA Redesign


Sandra Welgreen & Eric Bubbers


For two empty nesters who had lived in their home for over 20 years, Homepolish's Rosa Beltran brought a much-needed update to the space that hadn't been touched since the 80s.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Kids can sometimes be… a lot. You got the whole baby phase with the diapers, the feeding, the constant lack of sleep. But then you move into the years of teaching and making sure they grow into responsible adults. Don’t get us started on teenage angst. And then, even in the college years, parents often have to foot uber expensive bills. So, when a couple makes it to the empty nester years, we imagine it feels akin to finishing a marathon.



And you know what happens? Because you’re so wrapped up in life, you can forget to make your living space beautiful. You settle for functional and adequate as opposed to ideal. For Sandra Welgreen and Eric Bubbers, just that had happened. Purchasing a home in the Beverly Glen neighborhood of Los Angeles in the 1980s, it had gone virtually untouched design-wise since. Hitting that finish line of parenting and also both retiring from being physicians, it was time for a well-deserved reward.



That’s where Homepolish’s Rosa Beltran stepped in. They were ready to update a bathroom and guest room space. Looking at the befores, the bathroom is nearly unrecognizable. Previously, it was reminiscent of the nearby Madonna Inn with pink tiling and tan paint. Not exactly a “calming” color scheme. It was also rather dark, lacking any natural light. Rosa made it into an absolute haven. She demoed all of the previous fixtures, enlarged the shower enclosure, and added a lightwell window. Light stonework and tiling continue in the light theme. The only dark piece is a stunning mid-century-style custom vanity.



For the bedroom, it was perfectly California standard. Rosa took it up a notch. To hone that serene feel, everything was specified on the grayscale, from the upholstered bed frame that melts right into the gray grasscloth wallpaper and the rug. Since Sandra likes to work in the guest room sometimes, a cute desk moment sits across the way, appointed with a beautiful work by Hayley Mitchell. And no kids allowed! (We’re kidding… they just became grandparents, so the cycle begins all over again!)




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