Bedrooms with Style

Bedrooms with Style

Bedrooms with Style

Whether your style is cool coastal, warm rustic, or electric and eclectic, we have some bedroom inspo that is the stuff dreams are made of.

Your bedroom is arguably the most personal of all spaces in the home, and it’s important that it’s a respite, an oasis where you can lay your head at night and forget all about the craziness out in the world. So it only makes sense that your bedroom matches your individual aesthetic. From bright and airy to dark and moody (and everything in between), Homepolish can leave you resting easy. Quite literally.



Artfully Eclectic

This style of bedroom isn’t afraid to make a statement. Mixing forms, genres, and eras, everything comes together with a… let’s just say curated eye. Bold pops (such as the wallpaper above) or a patterned bedspread may add more visual stimulation and drama.



Bright & Beachy

A predominantly white look with subtle nautical nods may belong more in Cape Cod, the Hamptons, or the California coast. But who says geography has to dictate what your style is? The bedroom above (complete with a driftwood accent table) floats high above ever-bustling Manhattan. Were it not for the view, you could have fooled us.



Comfortably Modern

It’s time to embrace your inner minimalist with this style. Mixing Scandinavian and American Midcentury styles, it embraces organic textures and neutral colors. Even this bedroom seems to tip its veritable hat to Eames, Bertoia, and Saarinen while staying approachable and relaxed. No need to be stuffy.



Contemporary Glam

Break out the fur, the tufted upholstery, and the gilded accents! This look is coming through. Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos himself ascribes to this style, as you can see in his New York apartment (pictured above). Come on. There’s even a Corinthian column pedestal table in there! All it’s missing is a glittering chandelier.



Moody Masculine

Switching gears from the more feminine vibe of glam, the moody masculine takes us (at least metaphorically) to the old days of the smoke-filled gentleman’s club. Cue the dark woods and dimmed lighting… you can leave us here. We’ll just be reading our newspaper and drinking Earl Grey tea.



New Traditionalist

These bedrooms draw inspiration from European and Colonial homes, respecting the established rules of interior design. It’s elegant and ornate but slightly nuanced. It’s perfectly demonstrated in this simple and relaxing bedroom, but what’s this? Yes, a crocodile bench. There’s nuance for you.



Rustic Industrial

Let those old foundations shine. Exposed brick and piping and reclaimed woods leave us feeling like we’ve been transported to the country with this vibe. It’s altogether relaxing.


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