A Chic Redesign for a Stylish Blogger

A Chic Redesign for a Stylish Blogger

A Chic Redesign for a Stylish Blogger


Geri Hirsch


Soft goods, accessories and new furniture transformed this apartment into an efficient, grown up and stylish home.

Way back in 2005 before the internet was even really a thing, Geri Hirsch created the super successful design, food, fashion inspiration blog Because I’m Addicted. We love people that are ahead of the game in general but we love them even more when they live in a beautiful home. With the eye of our designer Sayre, Geri’s LA 1BR became the perfect backdrop to work from and be inspired by.

Creating a masculine/feminine balance with hard lines and soft colors, Sayre transformed Geri’s house into the perfect place for all situations. Knowing that she works from home, Sayre organized the office to reflect all practical needs and pretty wants and organizing her closet by color and type helped to wrangle the fashion addict’s collection. Creating a home that’s fun and irreverent while demonstrating classic sophistication, Geri’s place had her personality written all over it.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.


My favorite part of the space is definitely the living room with my ultimate furniture lust: the chrome infinity coffee table.

- Sayre, Homepolish designer
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    Hi there – That was actually a custom piece made by The Sofa Company.