The brand new raw office needed a streamlined layout good enough for man's best friend(s).

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

Delivering a box of treats and toys once a month, BarkBox is the ideal service for any degree of doggy adoration. When the company called us to design their 5000 sq ft raw loft space we put our dog loving designer, Casey DeBois , in the drivers seat. To say she had a blast designing the office with the BarkBox is an understatement. With her expert taste and company owners’ Henrik and Matt’s limitless ideas, the office quickly went from unrefined space to dog kingdom.

Needing the space to be pet as well as people friendly, Casey found simple and easy-to-clean furnishings, incorporated brilliant design details like the carpet covered nooks for working or napping (dogs and humans) and asked Dave Coverly to cover the walls in doggy doodles to keep the decorations simple, funny and relevant. Finally, let’s not forget that this is actually an office so operational systems needed to be in place. There’s tons of storage for beta testing treats/toys and there’s plenty of space for employees to organize the 100k BarkBox care packages that get sent out every month!

Also featured by Business Insider in BarkBox’s NYC Headquarters Are A Dog Lover’s Paradise.


I am a big dog person and think the BarkBox concept is really cool. It was awesome to learn about the brand and help the office come together.

- Casey, Homepolish designer
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