Awash in Personality

Awash in Personality

Awash in Personality


Designer Tali Roth meets her whimsical match and creates a family home that’s anything but restrained.

Photos by Claire Esparros

This place certainly isn’t short on attitude. Tell us about these clients. 
This family of four is awesome. Gayle is a creative herself (she has her own production company Dizon Inc.), and we simply saw eye-to-eye on everything. We have the same original, quirky sensibility—we both believe a little bit of ugly is always interesting.

What was the space like before the redesign?
We started with the bathrooms, which hadn’t been touched since they moved in eight years prior. The finishes were lackluster, some of the fixtures were broken, storage was an issue, and overall they didn’t reflect their personalities.

We also worked on the bedroom. I added custom, rattan storage closets which changed everything. In the rest of the home we reupholstered some older furniture, cleaned up the styling, and swapped some things out. The home is definitely Scandinavian Modern. We were also inspired by 1950s Italy … a bit mod, simple, long and linear lines, etc.

That terrazzo bathroom is incredible. Tell us about how you decided to go all-in on that tile.
The first time we met we both mentioned terrazzo and were equally excited. It was completely meant to be. We both knew Max Lamb’s Marmoreal terrazzo range, and I got it in the space as soon as I could.

Meanwhile, the other bathroom is much more restrained.
This is the master bathroom so they wanted something a little more timeless. Gayle was inspired by Parisian bathrooms. We wanted it to feel camouflage and a little wacky. We went back and forth on the grout. Gayle wanted black and she was 100% spot on. We didn’t want any other material in the space. I love how it’s a perfect grid!

The bedroom: what can you tell us about that closet?
The closet is custom—the area was recessed by about 14 inches and formerly housed a low dresser with a TV on top. We moved the TV to the left of the closet and built floor-to-ceiling storage, covered by two arched rattan sliding doors. It was entirely practical, but also very in-line with the aesthetic of the space.

What about that wallpaper on the ceiling?
The Calico Wallpaper was a no-brainer. We love it to pieces. It and the closet doors provide the texture—everything else is super minimal and low-line.

There are so many bold gestures in this bedroom, how did you make sure everything worked together?
Gayle had the bed already, but in beige. I designed the wardrobe, then at the same time we chose the wallpaper. I felt that the bed needed to be a cool grey instead, so we changed it. The beauty of the bed is how low it is, so we went with a miniature, super-contemporary sconce, sleek side tables, and decided to not do art behind the bed so the wallpaper and closet would shine. We searched high and low for a 1950s bedspread and settled on a burnt cinnamon option from Australian company Kip & Co. The space feels like you have stepped into a bohemian time warp, but it’s highly functional and comfortable!

The vibe in the dining room is very sunset zen. How did that space come together?
Before, Gayle had a barn-style rustic table with the yellow chairs, a teeny piece of art on the wall, and that is it. I designed a custom pill-shaped dining table with brass legs that was more in-line with the aesthetic of the space. We explored Uprise Art together and agreed on the Jordan Sullivan. I love how the light looks like a moon against the photography. The back wall is really like a backdrop to the whole apartment so went wall-to-wall with art. The balance of color is amazing.

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