Anomaly’s Edgy Office Expansion

Anomaly’s Edgy Office Expansion

Anomaly’s Edgy Office Expansion


Anomaly, new model ad agency


When a "new model" creative agency took over another floor in their SoHo offices, Homepolish's Maryana Grinshpun turned it into an innovative (and booze-filled) collaboration space.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Speaking with Anomaly partner Franke Rodriguez, he defines the his company’s work style in a way that perfectly fits the name. “It’s difficult to define, but it’s open, collaborative, high-energy, loud, obsessive, innovative… and often booze-filled.” The company is a mere 10 years old, but it has already spread it’s “new model” creative firm to Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. The latest in a series of expansions, the New York SoHo office took over 10,000 additional square feet. In keeping with their innovative business model, the company decided not to arrange the floor as a typical office, but to arrange it as an edgy and industrial social space.


Homepolish’s Maryana Grinshpun came into a raw space, knowing that there would be a fair amount of work. Bathrooms were gutted, and interior walls were stripped away, exposing original concrete Corinthian columns (not a bad find!). Skim-coated brick walls were left unfinished to give a sense of age and history to the space. And much to the delight of the Anomaly staffers, a steel-wrapped, marble-topped elongated bar was built into the space. Perfect for that “booze-filled” work life.

Then, came the matter of furnishing and finishes. From the Anomaly Toronto team, Brian Espiritu came in to complete custom murals in both the bar area and the bathroom, the first of which plays off of the company motto “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” An eclectic mix of seating options from crushed velvet sofas to a seemingly hovering neon chair and copper barstools gives the vibe of some back-alley club. And of course, the custom neon signage of the company’s logo and the stage only further that club vibe. All we need is some house music.


Maryana is a fantastically talented designer, but also a bit of a producer and project manager. She respected our vision, made it better, executed it flawlessly, not to mention, her ability to find dope furniture for amazing prices is uncanny.

- Franke Rodriguez, Anomaly partner
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