A Tiny NYC Apartment That Maxes Out on Style

A Tiny NYC Apartment That Maxes Out on Style

A Tiny NYC Apartment That Maxes Out on Style

Designer Alevtina Vinokur uses a fresh palette and vintage finds to fashion a fashionable 650-square-foot Greenwich Village apartment.

Photos by Daniel Wang

A New York city apartment rarely feels airy, particularly one that only clocks in at 650-square feet.

But that’s the kind of magic we here at Homepolish love to make.

When a very fashionable couple (she’s a buyer at Intermix, he helms Mister Fujii, a brand of custom men’s shirts) moved to the heart of Greenwich Village, they wanted a space as unique and aesthetically pleasing as their day jobs. Enter Homepolish and designer Alevtina Vinokur of Alev Studios.

“They wanted a very personal, unique space that would help transform the empty apartment with high ceilings and tons of light into a quintessential creative village home,” Alevtina explains.

The couple had just moved from San Fransisco, so Alevtina wanted to give them a home that could evolve as they settled into the city.

“They are on the modern eclectic side, but we mixed in some antiques and more classical pieces to give space personality that they can later build upon and add pieces from their travels.”

Alevtina leaned into a crisp color palette. Though it might be uber-popular, she felt it was an elevated, timeless choice that could grow with her clients.

“The secret here is using different tones and textures, adding subtle pattern, and strategically spacing darker tones or pops of color,” she explains. “A white interior is very easy to update with just a few pieces—like a new statement mirror, a sculptural bench, leather chair, more saturated artwork, or even a vintage vase with a simple flower arrangement. It’s much more flexible. You can play with it endlessly, changing things seasonally too. It always looks fresh and inviting.”

The perfect fit for a pair of fashionistas.

Besides providing space for their style to grow, Alevtina wanted to provide the illusion of space in the petite pad. that meant maximizing what square footage they had.

“The space is rather tight but it doesn’t feel small,” she says. “We added tall narrow shelving to store and display books and accessories as opposed to closed storage since it left more space for circulation and gave the room height. Bookshelves could be challenging but if done right they instantly become a focal point.”

Throughout the space, the designer worked to make smart choices that elegantly provided interest but were also comfortable and would stand the test of time. For example, the porous CB2 dining table wasn’t ideal for wear-and-tear, but Alevtina knew that a handyman could seal the surface so it could withstand even a red wine spill. The space is filled with equally smart uses of materials to build layers that provide dimension without overwhelming the apartment.

“This space has a lot of subtlety in color and texture,” Alevtina explains. “I thought the rattan back of the dining chairs would add warmth and texture and look great against the white, fluted concrete of the dining table. We added velvet throw pillows that have a pattern to a thick weave linen sofa. A good fur throw always makes a difference, plus the rug has overdyed pattern. Finally, the accessories are silver, concrete, antiqued glass, brass, and porcelain to complete the story.”

For Alevtina, the process of pulling it all together is music to her ears.

“I adore giving a space new life, seeing your clients happy, and showing them what it can be,” she explains. “When you find the perfect match and see how well things work together, it’s almost like writing a song. There’s rhythm in a beautiful interior.”

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