An NYC Family’s Warm and Vibrant Home

An NYC Family’s Warm and Vibrant Home

An NYC Family’s Warm and Vibrant Home


A house doesn't become a home overnight; it needs a bit of tender loving care to get to that point. Homepolish designer Alec Holland knew just what a New York City family of five needed to revamp their Flatiron home—a space just as warm and energetic as they are.

Photos by Lindsay Brown.

Above all else, home is the place where your memories are made. First “words” babbled out in the nursery crib, tentative steps on the living room rug, and next thing you know it’s awkward prom pictures in the foyer then an intimate wedding in the backyard—you name it, we’ve created a space for it. Homepolish designer Alec Holland aimed to do just that, creating a lovely, warm, and chic home for a family of five in New York’s Flatiron District to serve as the backdrop for many milestones to come.

When it comes to creating a family home, the design approach has to be two-sided—on one hand, it’s a given that the space needs to be elegant yet on the other, it also has to be able to withstand all the apple juice stains and haphazard Crayola sketches that are bound to appear via aforementioned little rascals. The client and her family are fresh and youthful, so the decor needed to reflect their energy. To keep it light, Alec leaned on bright colors and non-traditional patterns. The very first task Alec tackled was the living room’s central piece—the all-in-one bookcase and media center. By painting the exterior a soft white and the inner shelves a light taupe, the room instantly had a source of depth. The additional accents of a light and breezy rug and a ultra-cushioned ottoman make anyone who enters feel like they’re walking on air.

Once the shared spaces were taken care of, Alec narrowed his focus to the more personal places in the home. First came the parents’ master bath, a space that needed to offer a respite from the chaos of three small children. Creative porcelain tiles that look remarkably like wood, paired with soothing art and a classic tub, give the room a relaxed, beachy feel. Throw in a nanny and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and the client and her husband essentially have their an on-site spa.

For the other two baths Alec had a bit more freedom. To Alec, a powder room is the perfect place to play—it’s doubtful that the family will be spending tons of time there, so there’s a slim chance of anyone getting tired of the bold design. Alec opted for avian wallpaper as the main statement, while accents like a striking vanity light added a touch of old-world glamour. The remaining bath—the kids’ space—needed to be beautiful but minimal enough that it could grow with the children and adapt to their changing tastes. Nemo Tile & Stone provided many great options for flooring, but Alec ultimately went with a chic and gender-neutral hunter paired with a classic glossy black that even an adult would covet.

Alec was lucky enough to have an arsenal of gorgeous artwork that the client already owned, so he reconfigured it for maximum effect. Warm orange paintings add vibrancy and sophistication to the dining room, making it perfect for many a family dinner to come. Pieces like an architectural chandelier, streamlined dining table, and minimalist-chic dining chairs transform the room into a work of art itself.