An Enchanting Kid’s Room in San Francisco

An Enchanting Kid’s Room in San Francisco

An Enchanting Kid’s Room in San Francisco


Beth Samuelson and her daughter, Hannah Sweeting


For a young girl's 8th birthday, her parents promised her a room makeover. Homepolish's Carisse Lynelle proved that the most magical gifts don't come in a box.

Photos by Ana Kamin.

We’ve heard of precocious children, but a recent little client in San Francisco may take the cake. When Hannah Sweeting, daughter of Beth, saw her eighth birthday coming up, she didn’t ask for an American Girl doll or an Ipod or even a puppy. No, she asked for a bedroom design makeover. Two months after the birthday, her parents still hadn’t delivered on the promise, so she gently reminded them. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation they found Homepolish and our designer Carisse Lynelle.


Carisse and Hannah met for an after-school snack and chat to figure out how to approach the room redesign. The plan was to take her parents’ home office and convert it into her new bedroom, giving her old small space to their work area. (Mom and dad graciously accepted the downsizing.) True to form, Carisse says that Hannah was perfectly eloquent in articulating what she wanted. “She was clear that she really loves grays, blacks, dark blues, maybe a little green, and anything with tree branches, foliage, and little stuffed animals like owls, especially,” as she remembers. It was an enchanted getaway in the making.


Finding a lush Rebecca Rebouche wallpaper, who Carisse refers to as the “queen of whimsical, wondrous things,” the two decided to center the room on it. With this directing them, they brought in everything from linens, a swinging chair, a tree branch bookshelf, and even a vintage leaf ceiling light, which casts shadows on the room as if you’re in a dense forest. A swirl of butterflies on the wall and a mini wallpapered hedgehog only make it even more dreamy… almost as if you’re stepping into Wonderland.


Hannah’s mom and dad promised her a new room for her 8th birthday and she was ready to begin since she was already 8 years and 2 months old. She told me exactly what she wanted for her bedroom makeover… future Homepolish designer?!

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