An Enchanting Home in the Hollywood Hills

An Enchanting Home in the Hollywood Hills

An Enchanting Home in the Hollywood Hills


Donnie & Ryan


Home renovations can take time. As the owners of this Hollywood Hills home went from boyfriends to wedded couple, West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria took the space through a transformation of its own.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

About a year ago, two of my friends reached out to me to design their freshly-purchased 1970s Hollywood Hills home. They were mid-construction and wanted help choosing paint colors, flooring, and making other foundational choices. Luckily, they were already working with a contractor-to-the-stars who started adding architectural details such as crown molding and wainscoting. (He literally refused to let me give his name/website out because he’s too busy and popular to take on more clients). But of course, a contractor alone wasn’t going to cut it. We all had to work together to bring Hollywood glam back to the home.


Donnie and Ryan’s place is in a lovely, green neighborhood, perched high above the crazy of Los Angeles. When I first arrived, I was like “Wow! You guys live like GROWN UPS!” The house was large and in charge, but it needed a lot of style help. The previous owners had done a crazy remodel on it that made it look like a 90s McMansion (aka bland and uniform). LUCKILY, the house had incredible bones and tons of potential.


If you’ve ever done a major renovation on your home, you probably know that it takes a lot longer than you’d expect. Like a lot. In the case of Donnie and Ryan, it took about a year. They went from being boyfriends, to being engaged, to being married all during the construction. I like to think that they got married so fast because they were so happy with the way their house turned out. They were like “THIS HOUSE IS GORGEOUS! I DO!” So they can thank me. Preferably in the form of fine wine.

Follow along as I mansplain to you what I did, room by room. And to see the before & afters, check out the article on Architectural Digest!

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