An Elegant Chicago Family Home

An Elegant Chicago Family Home

An Elegant Chicago Family Home


Jen Boss, Andy Behrens, and their daughter Ella


Follow along with Homepolish designer Guinevere Johnson as she walks us through a bright, stylish Chicago family home. With everything from repurposing old furniture to a complete kitchen reno, the space is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

When I first met Jen, she was moving from a much older home that was very charming but very different from this contemporary space. The first thing we did was go through her pieces and figure out what went with the new home. With a little TLC, otherwise worn pieces regained new life. For example the wooden console in the entrance was re-painted black to be more attuned to the cool, contemporary palate of the new home (and to hide damages). The chandelier you see in the dining room was a treasure Jen had carried with her through the years but never displayed. We had it plated in silver to cover the worn gold, and it became very much a centerpiece in the communal area. (In fact, it’s one of both of our favorite moments.) I’ve always believed that it’s really important to incorporate beautiful vintage pieces to honor your personal taste and history. And once you have these heritage pieces, balance them out with contemporary, so they don’t appear staid or disconnected.


Once we knew what we were taking from the old home, it was time to update the new one to fit the Boss family vibe. The previous owners had a strong personal style. That said, everything was red, rose, green, and yellow (think of a desert-like palette). Jen has a soft, Italian sensibility, so we knew going into this that we wanted to cool down the home. The first thing we did was choose paint throughout, with the predominant color going Decorator’s White with doors painted in a black semi-gloss. Jen also understands how to incorporate color in a soft and tasteful way, such as light colored rugs to tone down the floor.


Then, there was the showstopper kitchen. Carrara marble and white cabinetry replaced rose granite and a yellow-green color scheme, becoming a sleek, contemporary space. Stainless steel appliances only up the luxe factor. It all simply glows with the sunlight streaming in from the triple-height windows (jealous!).

Follow along with me in the slideshow for more. -Guinevere

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