An Edgy, Family-Friendly Home in Seattle

An Edgy, Family-Friendly Home in Seattle

An Edgy, Family-Friendly Home in Seattle


Katie Finch and Steve Rinella


Moving cross-country from Brooklyn to Seattle, the Rinella family of five needed a home that reflected their hip personality. Homepolish's Joy Rondello layered in sculptural lighting, artwork, and even a collection of animal skulls.

Photos by Cody Ulrich.

When people move from New York City (the land of tiny apartments and sky-high rents) to virtually anywhere else, it’s a bit of a culture shock. For Katie Finch and Steve Rinella and their three children, they made the cross-country move from Brooklyn to Seattle. They switched from renting a cramped space to owning a sweeping, multi-bedroom home. And they upgraded from DIY design to hiring a pro, Homepolish’s Joy Rondello.

But, naturally, there are some things that don’t change. For example, the couple still wanted to keep some of their vintage hand-me-down furniture from their old apartment abode. And Steve, as an avid outdoorsman, simply wasn’t going to part with his extensive collection of animal skulls, antlers, and hides. Katie was quick to note, though, that she didn’t want their newly purchased home to look like the American Museum of Natural History. Their eclectic mix of furnishings, accessories, and art had to meld with new pieces to fill up the space.

It can be difficult to mix effortless style with kid-friendly design, but Joy was able to balance the two flawlessly. The den features a television surrounded with tons of art and momentos from a map of Seattle to a spear picked up during their travels, but across the way, a big, comfy couch is perfect for little feet to climb up on. The dining area features a giant fiberglass and epoxy orb pendant, but it’s well out of reach of little hands, above the reclaimed wood table. And the bed in the master bedroom? Well, it’s plenty big enough to fit all five of the family, in case the bed bugs bite.

And what of those hunting souvenirs? Not to worry, Joy found a way to artfully integrate them. A gorgeous set of antlers greets guests at the door, and skulls are subtly placed in the powder room and on the wall gallery in the den. But there’s also the statement moment in the formal sitting room… a shelving unit of, count ’em, 16 skulls. Impressive.

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We could not have been happier with Joy! She really understood that we needed: furnishing that could withstand the shenanigans of three little kids that would grow with our family. Also, she made us look much hipper than we are!

- Katie Finch, Homepolish client


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