An Edgy and Artful Atlanta Loft

An Edgy and Artful Atlanta Loft

An Edgy and Artful Atlanta Loft


Dave and Mark Curran, sales manager and commercial property manager


Returning to their Atlanta loft after leasing it out for 11 years, a couple turned to Homepolish's Kate Hayes to make it feel like their space once again.

Photos by Chad Mellon.

Dave and Mark Curran, a couple happily married for 9 years and currently living in Atlanta, might be said to be people characterized by funny circumstances. Starting with the way they met. Seventeen years ago in what was then the small town of San Antonio, Texas, the two met when they found out they were dating the same guy. Fast-forward to a move to Atlanta and purchasing a loft space in the Castleberry Hill art & historic district, they suddenly found out that Mark was being relocated to Philadelphia for work. After 11 years away, they finally returned to the loft, a space now weary of leasers. And they happened on another happy chance: they stumbled on Homepolish’s New York Times feature. Before they knew it, they were acquainted with designer Kate Hayes, and they were working to make the space their own once more.


The loft had excellent bones. An open ceiling framing with an array of v-shaped trusses and an exposed brick feature wall gave an industrial feel. Kate got to work first with the foundational element: paint. The walls went from early-2000s beige to a clean white, and kitchen cabinets took on a shade of off-black. In the bathroom, those two color schemes combined for an absolute floor-to-ceiling jewel-box effect: Christian LaCroix marbled wallpaper is shocking, in the best way possible.

Furnishings and accessories were a mixture of new and pieces collected over the couple’s 17 years together… though looking around the home, it all fits together in an eclectic spread. Club chairs come from a local antique shop, but the lush area rug calls back to their time in Philly. Treasured art pieces from a still life of fish on a counter to famed Robert Indianas draw the eye. It is unmistakably warm and welcoming (or as they say “contemporary casual”), just like Dave and Mark. We’ll call it a happy coincidence that they met Kate.

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This was our first time working with a designer and we had major apprehensions regarding the whole experience and potential costs. Needless to say, Kate and her assistant, Annie, were ‘flawless’ from the start to the execution of the design we discussed. They delivered what we consider to be remarkable in every way imaginable.

- Dave Curran, Homepolish client