An Eclectic New York Space for Two Writers

An Eclectic New York Space for Two Writers

An Eclectic New York Space for Two Writers


Terri Minsky and David Blum, TV writer and editor for Amazon


After Homepolish's Alec Holland confided to Terri Minsky that everyone can have a beautiful home, she and her husband took their apartment of 30 years and transformed it into their New York dream apartment.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Catching up with Homepolish designer Alec Holland about his recent work for Terri Minsky and David Blum, this story opens at a party… a Real Housewives of New York viewing party to be exact. Alec and Terri spent the entire evening discussing interior design, specifically Terri’s design envy of the homes on the show. She wished that her home could reflect her style. In true Homepolish form, Alec told her “everyone can be that person.” Hearing this, Terri nearly broke into tears.


A couple months later, Alec walked into the couple’s Upper West Side apartment. During their initial brainstorm, Terri said, “We want the apartment to look like it could be in a Woody Allen movie.” Of course, Alec didn’t want to go with an exact set copy from Hannah and Her Sisters, but he understood their idea. Eclectic, charming, a place where people want to gather. Seeing as they led such fascinating New York lives (Terri is the TV writer behind such hits as The Lizzie McGuire Show and David edits for Amazon), he knew their space should reflect them.


They were in for a dramatic shift. Literally everything was thrown out save the dining table and an old wood bench. Walls and floors were completely refurbished, and overhead wiring and piping were hidden in soffits or lowered ceilings. Custom bookshelves and closets were built out too. As a testament to the transformation, when Terri and David’s daughter came home from college to see the home, she burst into tears. We couldn’t imagine a more reality-TV-like ending.


As soon as I walked into the apartment and saw their art hanging on the walls, I knew there was a beautiful home waiting to get out.

- Alec Holland, Homepolish designer
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