An Artful Greenwich Redesign

An Artful Greenwich Redesign

An Artful Greenwich Redesign


Kayla and Michael


When Kayla's roommate moved out of their Greenwich Village apartment, Homepolish's Ashlie Mastony came in to spruce it up. The redesign was so good that Kayla's boyfriend Michael couldn't help but move in.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

After living in her Greenwich apartment for seven years and going through a couple roommates, Kayla decided that it was high time to treat her apartment more like a home than a transient space. After all, she was an adult with a job at one of New York’s great museum establishments, so her 2-bedroom should reflect that, right? Homepolish’s Ashlie Mastony began working with her to refresh the place, taking it from tired and uninspired to downright artful.


Hints of Kayla’s artistic background are scattered throughout the home. A picturesque landscape was snatched from her dad’s office closet when she moved to the city. A hyper-mod settee comes from her mom, something she’s had for all her seven years in New York. And as for the quirky miniature food sculptures? Those are a Kayla original, remnants of a graduate school project. When everything was done, her boyfriend Michael couldn’t help but move in. Could you blame him?



I had a lot of strong opinions about what I liked, but Ashlie helped to make them more cohesive (i.e. where to go after falling in love with a blue velvet sofa and pineapple wallpaper). I am so happy with how everything turned out. It feels like an adult space, but still fun. I love coming home to it everyday.

- Kayla, Homepolish client
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