An Amelie-esque Home in New York City

An Amelie-esque Home in New York City

An Amelie-esque Home in New York City


Elizabeth Stamp


Homepolish designer Marissa Bero channels a French-style, complete with rich jewel tones and reupholstered vintage furniture, for client Elizabeth Stamp.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo.

There’s something very charming about the adults who still have the spark of childhood in their eyes. It’s infectious to see their unceasing sense of adventure—especially when that’s translated into their homes.

Elizabeth Stamp is one such a rare creature. She approaches the world with willingness and wit, as is mirrored in her multiple titles that include home/travel/lifestyle writer and sketch comedian. When the time came for her to redesign her Park Slope abode, that attitude didn’t change—if anything, it became magnified.

After contacting Homepolish designer Marissa Bero, the two explored the worlds of color, pattern, and artistry, the end result of their endeavor being a playful, endearingly eclectic space that mirrors Elizabeth’s love for all things endearingly Parisian.

Initially, Elizabeth only wanted her living room redecorated but during the process she realized she wanted Marissa’s touch to reach every corner of her home.

On a practical level, organization was a top priority so as not to let clutter invade the beautiful space.

“I helped Elizabeth make a plan for organizing her closets, cabinets and extensive book collection. Finding the right furniture pieces was key, like the two large bookcases in her living room and the pair of dressers in her bedroom, along with organizing her things in categories and then selecting a place for them to be stored that made sense for her lifestyle,” Marissa explains.

After the basics were nailed down, style came into play. Elizabeth wanted an entirely new feel to fill the space, but she aimed to do that by incorporating old pieces; it was important to her that heirloom pieces like a jewelry chest, sewing table, and various charming Art Deco watercolor paintings were sprinkled throughout the home to give the eclectic aesthetic an air of nostalgia.

Additionally, Elizabeth decided to keep it in the family by reupholstering her grandmother’s chair and ottoman into lovely patterns that jive with modern times. “Too much vintage can feel like your grandma’s house,” Marissa explains. “All modern can feel sterile and devoid of personality. It’s important to me that a space feels like a real distinct person lives there.”

Marissa turned to a surprising source to find beautiful prints and photographs—the Library of Congress’ digital archives. The site was a well of beautiful imagery, and Marissa opted for choices like playful 1920’s theatrical photographs and unique vintage Plaza menus that fit the European theme. The finds were professionally printed and framed at Marissa’s go-to shop in Brooklyn: Make a Frame

The rest of the art came from varied sources. “The collection of plates in the dining nook were collected from eBay,” Marissa tells us. “The painted portraits are something I collect and almost always include in designs for clients. They are flea market, Etsy and Chairish finds.”

“I had been dreaming about doing a jewel toned bedroom for a while and I knew that Elizabeth was the right client for it,” says Marissa. “I wanted to create something that felt dreamy and glamorous.”

That said, the room couldn’t be overwhelmingly dramatic. To make sure that a space like this is balanced and inviting, Marissa first develops a color palette, then incorporating patterns that fit within that color palette.

“It’s important to mix prints that are of different scales, otherwise it can look too busy. After that, then it’s time to balance with solid colors,” Marissa shares.  

Elizabeth has been a joy to work with since the moment I met her. She was open to being adventurous with art, color and pattern (i.e. my three favorite things) and she trusted my vision for her space which is one of the best compliments a designer can ask for. I wanted to create an eclectic modern space with the charm of a Wes Anderson Movie: colorful, playful and full of great patterns and art.

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