ALALA’s Flexible and Functional SoHo Office

ALALA’s Flexible and Functional SoHo Office

ALALA’s Flexible and Functional SoHo Office


ALALA, activewear brand


When it came to a white box space in SoHo, Homepolish's Tina Rich turned it into a multifunctional headquarters and design studio for the activewear brand ALALA.

Photos by Seth Caplan.

Looking at the catalog of one of our recent New York City clients, ALALA, you’ll notice that though the brand may be labeled as “activewear,” the clothes themselves can easily “cross over” from gym to streetwear and back. Heck, you could even eek out some fun nightlife options from the line up. It may come as no surprise that when it came to their SoHo headquarters, one of the priorities on their list was multi-functionality. It had to serve as both a showroom but also a space to host clients, a storage facility but also a design studio. Essentially as flexible as an all-star gymnast.

Coming in to whip the space into shape, Homepolish’s Tina Rich was just the designer for the job. The major challenge? This was going to be the design version of a sprint. The renovation work had to be completed in only a 4-week span, hardly a long-distance marathon. In that one month, the team was able to build out a kitchen, storage room, showroom, and meeting room. Not to mention, they painted, swapped out lighting, and added custom millwork.

Of course, that wouldn’t complete a space. Tina added in multiple flourishes throughout to make it uniquely ALALA. Accordion glass and blackened metal doors separate the showroom and the meeting area, keeping sight lines clear and allowing for more space during events. Brass finishes pop in the lighting, the chair finishes, and even the signage. And for art? The group decided the clothing would be the art. Custom racks hang from the ceilings and show off the latest designs, and the company’s photography from past brand campaigns hangs on the walls. Not only did Tina make the space shape up… it’s kinda making us feel like we should do the same for ourselves. Summer bod, anyone?

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Tina was amazing every step of the way. From being totally cool with our super tight deadlines, to working in our budgets to create a gorgeous space, to being on site, to helping with the big projects (like construction) and the little ones (like plant shopping), she was a pleasure to work with.

- Denise Lee, Founder and CEO of ALALA


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