Adding Graphic Pop with Paint

Adding Graphic Pop with Paint

Adding Graphic Pop with Paint


Michelle and Steve B.


Walls can often be the overlooked element in a room. We get it. They're big and they're everywhere. But going from the standard apartment beige to something with more artistic flair and color can make all the difference.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

When images from a recent Los Angeles apartment project started coming into Homepolish’s New York offices, there was something that immediately caught our eyes: those awesome graphic walls! Wall accents in both a meditation room and the bedroom were imaginative, creative, and simply eye-popping. We reached out to Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum, assuming that it was the work of a new wallpaper company.
Turns out that even our design-obsessed eyes can be fooled! Haley responded in all caps, her excitement practically jumping out of the email, “THAT’S NOT WALLPAPER YOU SEE!” The clients in the 2-bedroom apartment were unsure how long they planned on staying in that particular location, so they didn’t want to splurge on expensive wallpaper. However, instead of giving up on their dream of graphic walls, Haley searched through local artisans and found local painter Corinne Pulsinelle.
We were so impressed by Corinne’s work that we couldn’t help but talk shop with the LA-based artist. Click through the gallery to see her works in progress and hear her thoughts on paint.


Corinne was a gem. I communicated the designs and color palette to her through inspiration photos and Pinterest, and she was able to translate these ideas into beautiful wall murals! This was so special because it was truly custom.

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