Adding Color and Personality to a Brooklyn Bedroom

Adding Color and Personality to a Brooklyn Bedroom

Adding Color and Personality to a Brooklyn Bedroom


Saloni Sharma and Ankur Mehta, web designer and bank researcher


In the Boerum Hill neighborhood, a couple had just finished a renovation of their 2-bedroom home, but they felt their bedroom was simply... lacking. Homepolish's Marissa Bero brought some excitement into the bedroom.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Saloni Sharma and Ankur Mehta may be the epitome of the cool Brooklyn couple. They host swanky dinner parties in their Boerum Hill 2-bedroom. In their down time, they explore the New York food and drink scene. (Their emphasis, not ours.) And when they’re not in the city, they’re off traveling around the corners of the globe. They have family that hails from India, Zambia, London, and Los Angeles. But when it came to the truest of all home bases (their bedroom), they felt like it lacked the pizzaz and interest of their lives.


Homepolish designer Marissa Bero came in to add some flair into that room, but without being too overbearing. The bedroom still had to be that calming oasis from their exciting lives, after all. Modern furnishings mix with antique finds whether it’s a 1940s print framed in faux bamboo, a couple of midcentury candlesticks, or vintage pottery. But there is show-stopping piece that had us glued to our screens at Homepolish HQ. A drop-dead gorgeous custom wall mural by Black Crow Studios behind the bed. Saloni is in love with it, and she captures our sentiment perfectly, saying, “I almost feel bad it’s hidden in our bedroom!” Guess those dining party guests won’t know what they’re missing. But hey, save the best for the hosts, right?


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Marissa. She is literally an artist, so her sense of color is impeccable, and something I really needed input on. I am hugely appreciative for her keen eye.

- Saloni Sharma, web designer
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