A Youthful & Bright Pasadena Home

A Youthful & Bright Pasadena Home

A Youthful & Bright Pasadena Home


Veronica and Matt Tam, software engineers


When a couple moved into their very first home in Pasadena, it was time to get on board with Homepolish's Kristen Montero for a space that would reflect their energetic and colorful personalities.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Moving into your very first home is perhaps one of the happiest moments of adulthood. You’re met by a mix of pride (“Look at me being all grown-up!”) and accomplishment (as if it were by some fluke that you’ve landed here). But those moments of exhilaration are soon balanced out with a slight dread. What happens if there’s a plumbing problem? Wait, I don’t have a magical landlord anymore? How do I decorate all of this giant space?


Luckily, for Veronica and Matt Tam, two software engineers in Pasadena, they sidestepped the worry of decorating by working with Homepolish designer Kristen Montero. She came on board with the couple as soon as they purchased the space, and they had virtually nothing. Just a home with a stunning, white box foundation. Initially talking with Kristen, they knew they wanted a touch of glam, but they didn’t want it to feel dated or tired. That youthful and eclectic vibe still had to shine through, even if they were homeowners.


What came together is a mix of new and old, vintage finds mixed with custom pieces. In the living room, a classic Chesterfield sofa and brass coffee table are balanced by a tribal print blue rug and indigo armchair. In the bedroom, a tufted velvet headboard plays against white linens and a modern pendant light. It all comes together, drenched in California sunlight. Grown up, sure. But still young at heart.


I really wanted to create something very current for Veronica and Matt, but it also that needed to have pieces and accessories that are timeless. An element of play within the space, energetic and bright, just like their personalities.

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