A Young Family’s Brooklyn Home

A Young Family’s Brooklyn Home

A Young Family’s Brooklyn Home


Dave & Elissa Garlick, COO at Pineapple Co. and psychotherapist


After hiring Homepolish for an office redesign, Dave had a bad case of design envy. The only solution was to have designer Will Saks come in for a residential redesign of his Brooklyn apartment.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Having lived in downtown Brooklyn, Dave and Elissa made the switch to an ultra-modern, white DUMBO 2-bedroom. With a baby girl on the way, it was time for the couple to embrace a bigger space, even if it was a bit removed from the action. An expanded floorplan coupled with the sterile environment left the two puzzled as to how to approach the design.

Luckily, David, a COO for Pineapple Co., had brought in Homepolish a few years back for the redesign of a subsidiary office in SoHo. Remembering the pleasure of designing a commercial space, he decided to allow us into a more personal spot: his own home. Designer Will Saks picked up on the couple’s sleek and clean style, but he infused his own taste for vintage and bohemian pieces. The result is beautiful, simultaneously airy and loft-like while still maintaining eclectic spontaneity. Cocktail-ready and still baby-friendly.


The biggest challenge we have had with designing our apartment is figuring out how to bring it all together. We’ve always been able to pick great pieces, but never quite been able to make our apartment not feel like modern cookie cutter. Truthfully, we couldn’t have done this without Will and Homepolish.

- David G., Homepolish client
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