A Young Family’s Airy and Elegant DUMBO Loft

A Young Family’s Airy and Elegant DUMBO Loft

A Young Family’s Airy and Elegant DUMBO Loft


Homepolish designer Emma Beryl heads to DUMBO to design a classic home that’s laid-back enough for a young family.

Photos by Daniel Wang.

As any new parent will tell you, having it all isn’t easy. Between tending to middle-of-the-night outbursts, staying on task (or even awake) at work, and maintaining any shred of a social life, decorating can fall very quickly to the bottom of the list.

When you are also both lawyers who clock long hours, like Homepolish clients Arielle and her husband Matt, it’s a feat of humanity to make it through the day at all. That’s why the couple needed Homepolish and designer Emma Beryl to create an elegant space worthy they could retreat to after a long day.

“Arielle and Matt came to Homepolish because they knew what styles they liked when they saw them, but wanted help in executing those styles and making sure they felt natural,” says Emma.

Before Emma came into the picture, their home was firmly still in-progress—a collage of work done and work yet to do, featuring dark walls and traditional furniture from a previous tenant, improvements they loved from an interior designer who moved away mid-project, and furniture and accessories they had collected along the way.

The designer’s goal was to create a cohesive, classic home that paired the pieces the family already had with fresh, clean accents. Emma infused the space with subdued shades, stunning artwork, and textures to give the space life.

“When you’re designing a minimal, neutral space, texture becomes very important because it  adds a sense richness and depth,” Emma explains. “A great example of how I approached texture in this home is the fur throw on the metal dining chair. Even though we only layered a fur throw on one of the dining chairs, it makes the whole area feel warmer, more inviting, and less cookie-cutter,” says Emma.

Texture gives the home a strong foundation, but art ultimately gives the home its personality. Emma managed to shuffle some of the existing pieces to improved results.

“When I first came onto the project, the juju hat that is currently over the chair in the nursery was above Arielle and Matt’s bed.  We weren’t crazy about it there because we felt like the space needed a little more color, and and that the hat was a little small for the space,” says Emma. “The coastal photo that is now there really livens up the space. Even better, the wall above the chair in Jamie’s nursery was the perfect home for the juju hat, as it was the perfect size.”

To highlight the sweet art pieces like the juju hat and a woven bull’s head Arielle and Matt picked up on a trip to Spain, Emma wanted to get the nursery’s wall colors just right.

“The nursery has a large window and gets a lot of natural light (which is certainly not the worst problem to have), but because of this selecting a paint color was tricky. We didn’t want something overwhelmingly bright or overwhelmingly bold,” she tells us. “I think we looked at about 20 gray paint samples before we found a shade that didn’t look too green, blue, or purple in certain lights and at certain times of the day.”

“I absolutely love this apartment,” gushes Emma. “I joked with Arielle during the project that if they ever move away, I’d be ready to move right in. It’s light, bright, and airy. The space’s minimal, sophisticated, and calming style is very appropriate for an updated loft in the heart of DUMBO.”’

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