A Young Couple’s Industrial Brooklyn Home

A Young Couple’s Industrial Brooklyn Home

A Young Couple’s Industrial Brooklyn Home


Hope Holland & Reed Fawley


A young couple moved into a Williamsburg apartment together, and they called in Homepolish's Becky Shea by day one. She helped them maximize the space and merge their styles.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Unfortunately, it’s a rare case when someone truly loves where they work. Hope Holland is one of those rare cases, and we like to take partial credit for that. You see, she works at ClassPass in New York, an office that Homepolish recently redesigned. Once she saw the completed work, Hope knew that we could work wonders on a space.

The opportunity to work with us came a short while later, when she and her fiancé Reed moved into a new Williamsburg 1-bedroom apartment. The common space had a beautiful foundation, very typical of Brooklyn. Think weathered exposed brick and wood beams, blackened steel framed windows, and a white-washed high ceiling. As soon as day one after move in came, they brought in Homepolish residential superstar Becky Shea to take the space from “good bones” to completed home.


Since Hope and Reed are new to living together (they’re getting married in November), Becky worked to bridge their separate styles. What came about is an industrial chic look with flairs of modernism and craft. Mismatched chairs pull up to the dining table. Cast iron and rope frames a mirror, but across the room is a chunky wall weaving. Sleek stainless steel appliances are backed by intricately colored cement tiles. It gives an air of relaxation… just like Hope and Reed.

Tour more of the space in the slideshow.