A Worldly Home on Top of Manhattan

A Worldly Home on Top of Manhattan

A Worldly Home on Top of Manhattan




For a sprawling 3,000 square-foot apartment in TriBeCa, designer Jennifer Hallock brought in global influences for a client who has traveled the world over.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

New York is oftentimes called the melting pot of America, but for a client in the neighborhood of TriBeCa, he was a melting pot unto himself. Having been born to Indian parents in Africa, gone to boarding school in the United Kingdom, and finally settling in the States, splitting his time between New York, the Hamptons, and Los Angeles, he is a world traveler in every sense of the word. And home to him is an amalgamation of his travels.


Homepolish’s Jennifer Hallock first came into the sprawling 3,000 square-foot apartment, bowled over by the incredible space. Typically, ample floor space would be viewed as a positive, but sometimes it can be tough to work with. As Jennifer quips, “It’s a huge space, so it seemed to just eat up everything I brought in. Meaning, it took A LOT of pieces to fill it up!” It took several layers of pieces to make the area look complete.


Of course, when it comes to this client, influences came from all over. A bust of the Buddha and the Hindu god Ganesha stare at each other from across the living and dining areas. Artwork from the likes of Andy Warhol and Peter Tunney bring color to the white walls, and safari photographs dot the shelves. It all comes together with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop.


The sightline is jaw-dropping, and it meant that the interior needed to be just as gorgeous! It can be slightly intimidating (in a good way though) to compete with the NYC skyline for attention.

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