A Whimsical Anti-Office for Oxford Road

A Whimsical Anti-Office for Oxford Road

A Whimsical Anti-Office for Oxford Road


Oxford Road, ad agency


For a tech ad agency in Hollywood, Homepolish designer Stefani Stein created an immersive and dramatic space filled with saturated walls, eclectic wallpapers, antique furnishings, and vintage textiles.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

No matter how much you love your job, it’s still work. Every Monday morning, you have to motivate yourself to drag yourself from bed and go into the office. When ad agency Oxford Road moved to an expanded 20,000 square-foot office in Hollywood, they decided to tackle this problem head on by hiring Homepolish designer Stefani Stein. In their initial consultation, they threw around the term “anti-office.” Stefani immediately picked up on the sentiment and proposed a whimsical speakeasy lounge space. Sounds like someone’s egging for those post-work drinks.


Stefani pulled off the redesign with flair, sourcing many of the furnishings and finishes from local flea markets and thrifts in the surrounding Santa Monica and Pasadena neighborhoods. Leather tufted chairs and sofas, a richly upholstered Victorian settee, Persian and cowhide rugs… each rooms brings a new surprise as every one is filled with colors and textures. (They specifically asked that no walls would be left white.)


Throughout the process, employees were kept completely in the dark (they didn’t even know the company had hired a designer in the first place!). You can imagine the flood of social media excitement (and IRL excitement) when they arrived. In the elevator lobby entrance, a neon of the company logo is backed by custom wallpaper printed with a still from a vintage Hollywood video. (The video actually runs on a loop on the company website.) Proceeding to their desks, the “wall of inspiration” holds all of the employee-nominated tastemakers and trendsetters from artists and political figures to family members, all set in vintage frames. Even their workbenches are unique. Dividers are upholstered in reused vintage men’s suiting and silk ties. Makes for a good reason to suit up and arrive to the office early on Monday.

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We wanted our space to differentiate from common, trendy work spaces to focus on the functionality of a modern startup office, wrapped in a historic, vintage Hollywood package, with a nod to great influencers throughout history and in our own lives.

- Dan Granger, CEO & Founder of Oxford Road
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