A West Village Family-Friendly Fun House

A West Village Family-Friendly Fun House

A West Village Family-Friendly Fun House


Designers Pippa Lee and Tali Roth proved to be the perfect pair to help a young family turn their three-bedroom duplex into a dynamic home full of surprises.

It’s every designer’s dream: a white box and game clients—the perfect combination of blank space where they can go wild and the right people to let them.

This project offered so many of them, it took two designers to make the most of it.

“The duplex was originally two apartments, combined to make a single duplex,” Homepolish designer Pippa Lee explains. “The rooms are quite chopped up and compartmentalized on the top floor, which lent to the creation of unique individual spaces.”

That means that walking from room-to-room in this three-bedroom, 2,500 square-foot West Village stunner provides a plethora of design discoveries—like a glitzy powder room, kelly green bunk beds, and the friendliest floors you’ve ever seen.

But before we get to the surprises, let’s start at the beginning. A growing family was lucky enough to find a chance for more space in their current building. When they reached out to Homepolish, their current space was already enviable.

“When I met with the clients in their existing apartment I knew they had sophisticated taste and attention to detail. Their existing apartment was beautifully renovated,” Pippa says.

But good taste didn’t mean they were ready to remedy the space’s unusual layout. In need of architectural advice, they reached out to Homepolish and we selected renovation pro-Pippa Lee. As the scope expanded she recruited fellow Aussie Tali Roth to layer in the interior finishes and quirky touches. The dynamic duos results are the perfect combination of eclectic, surprising, and super-livable.

“The client really trusted us to have fun in the space,” Pippa shares. “Their existing apartment was really polished and beautiful and full of quirky art and furniture pieces. Picking up on that vibe we pulled the new space even further into the exploratory realm.”

In the living room that means a furniture plan that Tali had long been itching to try. The conversational tableau allows for two distinct groups to chat and is perfect for family gatherings. The airy palette doesn’t hurt either, with light hues drawn from vintage Moroccan rugs and luxe watercolor-inspired paintings.

In the kitchen, there’s another dynamic duo: renovated cabinets with bright white up top playing off green cabinet beneath. In the nearby family room, Pippa and Tali replaced the millwork and added an upholstered sliding door. A custom banquette seat with storage provides a the perfect spot for the kids to sit and do schoolwork while the parents watch from the kitchen.

And of course the kids’ dedicated space had to be just as exciting as what the adults received. Custom vivid green bunk beds paired with patterned wallpaper create a whimsical space where the kids can run wild.

“Given the two children would be sharing a room we wanted to make maximum use of the space while also having fun,” Tali explains. “The reading loft has a secret door that leads to the upper bunk and below is a functional desk space for coloring and reading.”

Playing off the bedroom, the kids’ bathroom speaks (nearly literally) to that same sense of playfulness meets function. A mosaic floor tile spells out “HI!”, while a mirrored vanity from Restoration Hardware does double duty—maximizing the tiny space and doubling up on the sentiment.

For the adults, the master bedroom on first glance might seem like the space’s one foray into minimalism, until you look up.

“We didn’t necessarily want a color in their face—we wanted to create something quite serene,” Tali explains. “We also thought you spend most of your time in bed while in your bedroom so why not let them enjoy a stunning ceiling detail!”

The stunning Calico wallpaper is paired with a Samsung Frame TV keeping the room’s only “artwork” up above.

With all the renovations, the clients decided to add the master bath to the scope mid-project. The original built-in jacuzzi tub was removed and replaced with a freestanding tub (which required some clever renovations), graphic tile, and a custom vanity that matched the level of the rest of the home. If the black and white palette here seems tame, wait until you see the gold powder room.

“We wanted to go bold in here given we did not replace the existing fixtures (which were a little dated),” Pippa explains. “So we wanted something that really took visitors breath away and was a little unexpected.”

In the end, the pairing of Tali and Pippa was perfectly aligned—and so was the pairing of designers and clients.

“I loved the clients so much,” Tali gushes. “They were down to earth, appreciative, bold, and went with their guts on everything.”

Pippa echoes the affection.

“We had the usual construction issues (hidden water damage in the kitchen, electrical wiring that was like spaghetti, delays due to unforeseen circumstances), but the clients were so patient and graceful throughout the whole process,” Pippa says. “Clients who are willing to take creative risks or let designers ‘let loose’ a little are always more fun!”

Ready to have some fun with your own space? Sign up for Homepolish here. You can also read more about this project in Modern Luxury Magazine.