A Well-Manicured NYC Salon

A Well-Manicured NYC Salon

A Well-Manicured NYC Salon


Joey Healy, eyebrow studio


For Joey Healy, an eyebrow studio near Union Square, Homepolish's Tina Apostolou raised the brow, er, bar with geometric design.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

It’s best captured by Homepolish designer Tina Apostolou: “Joey Healy’s work is all about geometry (shaping eyebrows is truly an art!), so we wanted to incorporate this theme into his space.” Honestly, it makes perfect sense. For a cosmetics industry that’s all about getting that perfect shape for the shape of the individual’s face, geometry should play a BIG part in the design of a salon.


But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Joey Healy first worked with Tina back when they designed his Manhattan apartment. Since the two had a blast working together, he knew just who to call when he expanded his eyebrow studio to a first-floor, street-level space. (No, not ghostbusters.) Joey wanted a transformation for the space but didn’t quite know where to start. It had previously been a lingerie shop coated in PINK. Everywhere. Tina walked in and decided the best idea was to clean slate the shop.

Back dressing rooms were demoed to open up the space and the entire retail space was painted in a simple Decorator’s White. Then came the fun part. The two started to introduce fun geometries throughout the studio: hexagonal mirrors, angular planters, and a custom-designed reception desk. When all that was done, it still didn’t look complete, so they crafted a custom paneled feature wall with inset mirrors. Stunning. And there’s even a bit of pink left… a pink poodle print above the reception sofa.

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