A Warehouse Party in Williamsburg

A Warehouse Party in Williamsburg

A Warehouse Party in Williamsburg


Molly and Garrett, and their family


For a family moving from Art Deco Miami to Brooklyn, Homepolish designer Allison Petty took an open-plan former factory space and transformed it into an enviable loft.

Photos by Claire Esparros.


New York is undoubtedly a city of change. Buildings rise and fall, streets are altered, and neighborhoods shift. With these transformations, spaces are repurposed to accommodate people, which has given rise to the city’s most enviable and perhaps best-known of residential options: the loft. With their sky-high ceilings, open floorplans, and sun-washed windows, it is of little consequence that they may have been a former cannery in the Meatpacking District or a garment factory in Midtown. In fact, it may even add to the mystique, the charm.

Some of the city’s most illustrious and colorful tenants have resided in these storied apartments. Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, and even the crew from How I Met Your Mother. Newly added to this list is Molly and Garrett, Miami transplants returning to the city. And though they aren’t famous abstract artists, they have added an artistic flair to a Williamsburg loft (a former factory warehouse space, if you were wondering), due in no small part to their Homepolish designer Allison Petty.


Designing a loft can be difficult business. On the one hand, you have tons of space, but on the other hand, you have TONS of space. How do you designate different functions for different spaces within the same room? How do you bring in furnishings and accessories without interrupting or overstimulating the sightline? Add to that, the couple wanted a space ready for entertaining while still being perfectly family-friendly for their toddler.


What Allison has pulled off in the industrial loft is nothing short of masterful. A sitting area, imagined as a spot for cocktails, is staked out with a Union Jack rug, faux-taxidermy rhinos watching over visitors. The main living space features not one but two sprawling sectionals, ready for a plethora of configurations. The art is only fitting in its eclectic kookiness: a unicorn drinking coffee on a crocodile skin wall and a watercolored peacock. Oh, and did we mention the couple’s pair of Vespas are casually propped up in the apartment?

All in all, it’s a space fitting of an artist. Or maybe a rock star. We can only assume that Brooklyn’s next happening warehouse party will be here, and we’re just dying for an invite. See it all in the gallery.

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When I walked in, we had an empty shell. It had already been beautifully renovated and some furniture had already been purchased, but nothing had arrived yet. Working with such great bones was a pleasure. The space lends itself so much to creativity with the white-washed walls, exposed beams, and light floors… it was like a canvas.

- Allison Petty, Homepolish designer