A Vintage Treasure Chest in Brooklyn

A Vintage Treasure Chest in Brooklyn

A Vintage Treasure Chest in Brooklyn


Lauren and Jack Caron


A 675 square-foot apartment may not seem like much, but for Homepolish designer Lauren Caron and her husband Jack, every inch shines with eclectic heritage pieces.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Old New York. It’s a style just as much as it is a feeling. Every once in a while, when walking into a Manhattan space, one is overwhelmed with this sense of history. Dark oak-paneled walls, cheetah-print plush carpets, saturated drapery, and antiqued mirrors. All things bright and beautiful from brass to gold are the accents. It’s a sense best captured by those ladies who lived through the 60s and 70s, Upper East Side Mad Women. But half a century later and a borough away in Brooklyn, Homepolish designer Lauren Caron has brought that eclectic mix to her 1-bedroom apartment.


These sorts of projects don’t have a start and end date. Lauren and her husband Jack have lived in the space for four years. Over time, they have amassed a collection of heirlooms and vintage items to fill what was once an empty, blank room. The step back in time begins right upon entry with a wall covered in prancing gilded zebras and arrows. An Indian heritage rug leads you inside to the living room with brass-framed mirrors and a cheetah-upholstered chair. In the kitchen, copper cookware glints a la Julia Child, and farther in the bedroom, a Chinese screen evokes Coco Chanel. It is a perfect reflection of Lauren and Jack, and perhaps of New York life in general.


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The style and intention was to reflect Jack and me and how we live our lives. It’s eclectic, layered, and not too serious. I needed to combine his appreciation for modern furniture with my love of 18 and 19th century French decor.

- Lauren C., Homepolish designer