A Very Epic SF Family Home

A Very Epic SF Family Home

A Very Epic SF Family Home


Julie & Brett Crosby


Originally hired to just design a family living room, Homepolish designer Michael Hilal's excellent taste snowballed the whole project into encompassing the entire house and backyard.

Photos by Lauren Edith Anderson.

Have you ever bought a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream and brought it home? And as you sit on your sofa, watching House of Cards, you initially say to yourself, “I only going to have a few spoonfuls.” But then spoonfuls turn into scoops, and scoops turn into bowls, and before you know it, you’re scraping the bottom of the pint carton. Well, you know what? Design can be like that too. You get started on a project, and then, all of a sudden, you’re going hog wild. Julie and Brett Crosby know exactly what we’re talking about.


The couple hired Homepolish’s Michael Hilal to redesign their family living room in San Francisco. The room was pretty bare with only a few chairs and end tables, but Michael was able to completely reimagine the room to be mod and elegant while still having fun pops of color. It was exactly in line with the couple’s thoughts. Since they throw a lot of parties, they needed a space that was fun and not too stuffy.


As luck would have it, Julie and Brett started to renovate the backyard as Michael finished up the living room. Since they fell in love with his work, they brought him on to handle the exterior as well. It includes an incredible pool house (that we’d be more than happy to live in). This only snowballed into the dining room and bedrooms as well. The final result is nothing short of epic.

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