A Toast-Worthy HQ for Nike Communications

A Toast-Worthy HQ for Nike Communications

A Toast-Worthy HQ for Nike Communications

Homepolish leaps in to create a cozy, home-like environment that equally serves as a showpiece for entertaining elite clientele.

Photos by Seth Caplan

Usually when an office makes you want to pour a drink, it’s a bad thing.

But for Nike Communications, a creative communications agency specializing in the marketing of luxury and prestige brands such as Grey Goose, Moët & Chandon, Montblanc, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Swarovski, Technogym, Maisonette, and The Art of Shaving, that feeling was sort of the point. They reached out to Homepolish to imbue their Financial District office with the kind of rarified vibes you don’t usually see at work.

Thankfully we were here to help. Designer Justin Huxol crafted the cunningly comfortable space while designer Laura Hur worked her magic on the finishing stylistic touches. Nina Kaminer, founder and president of Nike Communications, couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

“Working with Homepolish was a pleasure,” Nina explains. “From the earliest sketches of how to lay the space out to the selection of all the furniture, Homepolish really helped realize my vision.”

For Nina, the goal was to create a space where employees felt like they were at home—and where that relaxed vibe could lead to new ideas.

I wanted to have an open workspace that was extremely collaborative, as well as one that offered many different kinds of spaces that felt extremely residential,” Nina explains.

Resimerical is the new goal for office interiors, with employees craving spaces that feel more akin to their own stylish apartments, and Nike’s HQ is a prime example of why it works. Sure there are designated desk areas, but wouldn’t you want to spend more time lounging in the lobby (with its plant feature wall) or working on a laptop in a pair of captain’s chairs illuminated by a shapely arc floor lamp? Even the conference room, usually the most maligned place in an office, looks like a modernist dream, with black casement windows letting people peek in at the marble Saarinen table, industrial light fixtures, impressive artwork, and perfectly icy blue walls.

Now the revolutionized space has altered the team’s entire flow, with employees convening in the same space people tend to gravitate to at home.

“The kitchen now plays a very big role, same as in a home!” Nina explains. “It is not just a utilitarian space, but a hub where people prepare their meals, eat, snack, as well as gather with colleagues or work on their own.”

That loose sensibility does more than offer employees more than cubicle alternatives, it hopefully leads to cross-pollination and collaboration between departments.

“We have lots of other spaces that feel like living rooms, where much of the creative collaboration happens,” Nina explains. “But the ‘official’ desk space is much smaller than it used to be because people have so many options of where they can sit and work.”

The bevy of non-traditional places to work means no one misses the trimmed desks, even Nina.

“I didn’t realize how much I would love sitting in the space with all the staff,” she admits. “I rarely use the one private space that I built as my office.”

But if you’re really looking to drink in the office’s well-designed vibes, we recommend the wine library. Yes, you did read that right.

“I love the wine library, which displays 28 cases of wine that would otherwise have gone into storage, taking up valuable space,” Nina says. “The wine became a focal point as well as a feature, and the room still functions as a two-zone, convening space with both a sofa, chairs and flat panel TV, as well as a table and stools.”

Turning what could have been hidden away into a stunning feature not only saves space, it also makes a massive impact—and reminds Nike’s premium clients of the company’s place of prominence in its industry (not every agency gets that much wine).

The combination of thoughtful space savers and design-choices that feel more chic than corporate creates a place clients (and employees) are itching to hang out in.

“Our clients are blown away, and visitors are really impressed,” Nina says. ”But more importantly, everyone really loves working here.”

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