A Supermodel’s Midtown 1BR

A Supermodel’s Midtown 1BR

A Supermodel’s Midtown 1BR


Candice Huffine, model and Matt Powers, filmmaker


Great views and vibes in Candice Huffine and Matt Power's 700 sqft home. Our designer Shelly added storage and increased space so the couple could host dinner parties and make the most of their space.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

Supermodels: they’re just like us! They need more storage, a functional layout and a way to showcase their well-traveled, glamorous lives through beautiful design. You will recognize Candice Huffine from every major magazine (many international Vogues, V Magazine, W Magazine, CR Fashion Book…!) but have you seen her apartment? It was featured on Harper’s Bazaar so maybe you have but we have the inside scoop from her designer and best friend – and our head of commercial design – Shelly Lynch-Sparks. Having lived in the apartment for five years, Candice and her filmmaker husband Matt Powers finally have the storage they need for his equipment and her shoes and the space they need to host dinners for their friends.

Click through the slideshow to see and read the design details of Candice and her husband Matt’s cute Kips Bay one bedroom.


As for my learning experience with Shelly…I learned we are a great team, but I kind of already knew that. She encouraged every idea I had and built on it herself. I started to think I might have a knack for interior design myself. Interior design or renovation doesn’t need to be all overdue deadlines and stress. I feel lucky to have finalized my dream apartment with a super positive experience.

- Candice Huffine, model
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