A Suave and Sophisticated West Village Bachelor Pad

A Suave and Sophisticated West Village Bachelor Pad

A Suave and Sophisticated West Village Bachelor Pad


Gerald Clark


For a bachelor's new-build apartment in downtown Manhattan, Homepolish designer Nicole Watts introduced dark finishes and handsome furnishings. Perfectly suited to the client, if we say so ourselves.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Tall, dark, and handsome… it’s absolutely everything we want in life. Something that makes us feel cozy and welcome, where we can curl up and forget about the cares of the outside world. Oh, and before we get carried away, we should let you know that we’re not talking about the perfect lover. No, no, this is all about a recent West Village apartment completed by Homepolish’s Nicole Watts.


Gerald Clark, a Manhattan bachelor who is handsome in his own right, was the client. Having recently moved into the new-build, 900 square-foot apartment, he had never designed a space by himself (or with help, for that matter). It took him all of one month before he decided to call in a pro, and on a friend’s recommendation, he came to Homepolish.


When Nicole first walked into the space, she was swept off her feet (figuratively, that is) by the high ceilings with gorgeous white structural beams. Check for “tall.” With blackened steel framed windows and dark hardwood floors, it had the perfect bones for a high contrast space. She made that contrast even more apparent with a seagrass wallpaper in the living area, in a moody onyx. And check for “dark.” For that last “handsome” part, a velvet sofa and custom daybed were brought in to anchor the space. Masculine materials stand out with a black marble coffee table and concrete accents. And one can hardly miss the flash of glamour on the wall… four overlapping circles crafted from reclaimed oil drum lids leafed in gold.


Oh, and did we mention that Gerald has (in Nicole’s words) “a fantastic sense of humor… he was constantly making me laugh.” Sign us up.

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I know nothing about design nor have I ever undertaken a decorating project like this, but I wanted to be completely involved so I required a lot of hand holding. Nicole’s patience and willingness to communicate the thought process behind her ideas and choices ultimately made for a fulfilling experience because I felt like I learned something about design as well as my own personal style.

- Gerald Clark, Homepolish client


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